Honor System Bugged with Premades??

I played a game solo and a game premade on the 18th and might have honored someone the first game (I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure I didn't because I was being flamed, but I think I got an honor for being tilt-proof). In the second game, I was in a duo premade, so it doesn't matter that I don't remember whether we honored each other because whether I did or didn't honor him, I at least know that I didn't honor anyone else, so this game should be ruled out for getting a key fragment by riot. I didn't play until the 21st (and I didn't get a fragment when I logged on), and I played in a duo premade. We played two games and we honored each other both times. When I logged on today, the game said, "You have traded honors [or something like this] 2 times in your last games with a **_non-premade_**." (Not an exact quote). Even if it was super delayed from previous games, what are the chances that I honor the person that honored me more than 3 games prior? Also, a while ago it said, "you have been honored 10 times in your previous games" or something like that, and like 8 of my previous games were in a premade, so I can't imagine they came from anywhere else. Unless the honor system is so delayed that it was talking about games far before, it could be bugged. I don't think it's bugged though because maybe it doesn't even care if you are in a premade or not, and the FAQ just claims it does just to discourage people from doing it.
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