Scared as all hell after 14 Day Ban.

So as the title says I've been banned for 14 days. My account is a release Account, with like 2k spent on it overall, maybe a little more, maybe a little less. I'm beyond scared of having this account perma'd. I know that the stuff i've typed was more than enough to get me banned, after reading the rules (the first time in 10 years mind you). I'm not looking for my "sentence" to be cut short, but to make DAMN sure that this account has a clean slate from now on, so clean i could eat off it. Here is what i thought i might do, and i want y'all to give me input in what y'all think should be done. From now on my only way of communication will be (GG, GJ :), Go Drag, Secure baron vision, me split bot) and so on. In conjunction with me /muteall at the beginning of the game, regardless of flamers or not. I won't type anything else, I've never "ran it down" or fed in general so that won't be an issue. Is this enough to make SURE i won't get banned? Is not talking except bare necessities a SUREFIRE way to not get banned? Here are my logs so you can take them apart. Thanks for reading.
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