Ok, so a ADC flames me (sup) to go top, then I go top and assist toplaner.

Well, the story goes like this. I was on my gold promo series and laning phase started and the enemy was sivir/morgana. We were pushed in and poked pretty hard but the Jinx who was at 10% hp just refused to recall. I asked quite politely "please recall." But she responded by "stfu I will mute you." and all that other language and died to a morgana W with meteor. So I said, "Well, since I'm out of the equation of winning bot. Can I go help top?" and she says "gtfo my lane". So I did. (Besides, I didn't want to be even near this persons gaming avatar) I managed to push their toplaner out, and got 2 kills and a first tower. But this Jinx is still butthurt about it, that she literally ints after that calling for reports on allchat and goes 12 deaths. (When laning phase was done she was like 3 deaths, she just repeatedly facechecked bushes midgame to prove I'm wrong.) I'm so confused. What do these people want exactly? I did win top for the team and I can't stop the Jinx from dying.
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