ELO hell, I'm stuck, help !

So, hello there I'm currently Bronze 1, I main support and I play Sion actively as support and I'm working on mastering Janna, Nami, Braum so I can play them in ranked. I don't want to be (and I'm not btw) a stereotypical bronze " my team sucks" kinde guy. I see my mistakes, I practice in practice tool, I'm rarely toxic, I swallow ( don't take it out of context) all the toxicity and comments pointed to me and I try to be as positive as possible, but also I am sometimes the "raging kid" tho it rarely happen's. I'm not saying I'm perfect, if I were to be perfect I would be the best of the best, I'm average, maybe above average in some matchups. So here's my problem and question : How do I carry as support ? IF my team is not taking objectives, recalling after ace, going 1v5 than blaming others, HOW do I win then, I'm just support, without damage, yes I do have crucial part in teamfight's ( game changing ult's), but I cannot win a teamfight IF my adc is gone because his position was bad, he went 2v1, 3v1, 4v1, 5v1. Yes, maybe I HAVE strategy, maybe I have a good plan, a good teamfight initiation BUT I can't make ( most of the time) other people listen to me, they ignore me, nor I can force them, I'm not Jesus frickin' Christ to call upon the power of universe ( even than would be impossible to make 0/18 Yasuo or anyone else prideful and stubborn ( using yasuo as stereotype) ), nor I can perform some satanist ritual and call upon the power of the Devil himself and ( for some reason) Cthulhu. Now I sound like I'm blaming other's, I DO NOT! There is a time where I get good team, focused team with cold head, and there's the team with Teemo mid or feed, Yi 20+ minutes afk jungling, top that has map awareness like a newly born baby, mid that is either afk or goes 0/5 than flames and blames the jungle ( those are all the scenarios that can and will happen) I know I mentioned mid lane twice, god I hate mid lane main's ( no offense tho) I hate mid because there are all the champ's I hate ( Zed, Anivia, Yasuo, Syndra, Annie) The summary : I focus on my game and my adc, sometime's I lose because I was bad that game, sometime's I go (as Sion support) 10/5/26 and still lose because I CAN'T force my team to take objectives and to teamfight ( engage and disengage), now in that case I try to focus objectives and initiate teamfight's ( mentioned above) but most of the time I end up flamed and called "noob". It is normal to lose, from lost game I learn mistakes, and I practice to fix those mistakes. I just want ( IF possible) to lose less by learning HOW to carry as support. If anyone reads, thanks ! GL HF :D Ps: sorry for any grammatical mistakes, English isn't my first language. And I will put this in Player behavior, don't get triggered If this is not for "Player behavior" board. {{champion:14}}
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