Honestly speaking, is the punishment system too harsh in league?

I'm not trying to start a huge argument with anyone, but I am genuinely asking. I had my buffs stolen as jungler in one game about 2 1/2 months ago. I will be the first to admit that i fed, which i have never done before and have not done since. Their system has no warnings at all, i got a full 2 week suspension for one game out of 700. Afterwards they say you cannot gain loot until you are reformed. This is an extremely vague term with no limit to the time. I have seen people on forums who have not gotten loot gain back in over a year since their punishment. I was just told by riot that since my punishment a month and a half ago that they still see some negative attitude and 2 afks. Now... both afks were disconnects, i guess their system cannot see that. My "bad attitude" consists of literally around 5 games. I'm sure i said something along the lines of "jesus christ guys, what the fck are you doing?" I'm not saying that is being nice to them, but really? In a video game we can no longer, ever, comment on our team's decisions or gameplay? That is part of what the game is. Given, this was once again a very small percentage of my games. A handful of times in the past 400 games have i even spoken to my teammates. I have way more thumbs up than reports, but they seem to take a small sample size and decide that is the entirety of who the player is. Remember also that anyone can report you, from saying something like "you are terrible" to more extreme offenses. They can report you for nothing at all in fact and that can look bad on your total "resume". I understand this is a free to play game, so i'm sure some will say "just play another game", but I just wanted honest opinions of people on this subject. I have seen a fair amount of forums about this where people who have never been punished act like anyone who has been deserved every last bit of it and they hate toxic players, trolls, ect ect. What many of these people don't understand is that literally one game, one "unworthy" comment can get you a suspension or ban with no warning. Just look out for your future in the game.

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