Tell me whats wrong with this i start getting harassed by an ezreal mid so i get a ban

Pre Game Lobby: eNelms: is the clint fk up for anyone else In Game: eNelms: yo eNelms: who wants sup powers eNelms: remember if you fk up we both die eNelms: dude eNelms: wtf eNelms: man eNelms: stop backing from them so i can hit them eNelms: someone give me a ride eNelms: lol eNelms: pike flash eNelms: 300 eNelms: come on dude eNelms: this guy eNelms: well shit eNelms: yeah eNelms: no eNelms: he can feed on his own eNelms: where is our jg eNelms: cuz you make bad plays eNelms: get over it eNelms: im being my charcter if you dont want to play you should of doged now quit going afk eNelms: i dont care eNelms: get over it baby eNelms: why are you such a baby eNelms: good job feeding ezreal [All]eNelms: report ezreal being toxic [All]eNelms: you know you get an ad and ap boost when im connected to you right and draven is laging he told you that so plz stop crying or i will mute you eNelms: it was over [All]eNelms: you are just blaming people for you person life leave me alone ez
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