Look RIOT toxicity exists for a reason so people can get there anger out. Millions of games do this and they run JUST FINE. I myself have worked a few weeks as a dishwasher so I can buy rp and get orbs to get skins, I know that accounts are your property but our money isn't. I've spent so much on this game and I still got permabanned for nothing, some people just feel like banning you even if you did nothing wrong and you Riot Gamds still ban those players (the victims). I enjoy in skins and for me they are one of the reason I play this game. LISTEN NOW RIOT, HERE'S A SOLUTION, instead of permabans, punish players by suspending them on a 6 month suspension, repeat that 6 month suspension if the players get toxic enough again after those 6 months have passed, I think that this should work really well, imagine players such as me that play this game everyday for longer periods of time and instead of legit keeping the account and money to yourself, you suspend them for 6 MONTHS, THAT'S HALF A YEAR, that's such a big punishment for players and they would question their mistakes like I did on 2 accounts Riot banned on wich I've spent hundreds of euros on skins and limited prestige kda akali for what I'm still sorrowing for. Players would keep the accounts, mastery points on champs and valuable skins while not being able to play for half a year and make normal warning punishments like you did over the years, 9 games chat restriction, 14day suspension and instead of perma ban you punish for 6 month suspension. You can't force fix a broken community and I feel its r%%%%%ed that you PERMA BAN and keep our money. You should either return are money/ and or SKINS. I feel that we should let league players SAY AS THEY FEEL! It makes no sense to restrict it so I would like to start our own RIOT on the forums. Everyone who agrees post " STOP THE BAN" Post one everyday till we flood hell out of the forums and notice players DO NOT LIKE the system. Doing this will A GRAB there attention and B help see that there player base DOES NOT WANT this ban system in place. We could also start a petition. Ps. If you do see a "STOP THE BAN" post go ahead and reply/ upvote and more. The perma Ban system is r%%%%%ed and should not be allowed in a game. Because THEY STEAL OUR MONEY from the skins we bought. If you didnt buy anything but were salty ITS STILL STUIPID to get banned. Words are not something players should be banned for. Hacking of course is a reasonable ban of course but just some things take it to far. For example R6 (Rainbow Six) They dont have a report button for other then hacking and look there community is JUST FINE. ITs also a 5v5 game with in game bought items and game bought. I think to fix this PUT PLAYER CHAT RESTRICTIONS ITS LOADS BETTER AND DOES STOP SALTYNESS INSTEAD OF BANNING. I have actually noticed myself THAT I DO NOT get salty because of chat restrictions I find that I cant really be salty so it works. Just DO THAT instead of banning. Anyways Ill be posting my "STOP THE BAN" post in a few hours! Lets get this RIOT going. P.S. Riot, players, please notice this and do something, this is an awesome solution and I want my skins baack😰😭😩, I spent too much money on 1350+ skins, I had the best skin for every champ I play and I desperately need my account back, riot please. Community, assemble.
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