How do you deal with the "I give up" mentality in teammates?

This past weekend I played a string of ranked games (I'm a low-tier gold jungler mostly, though I'm probably shifting roles to ADC) and I swear EVERY game I played included at least 1 player who lost lane super early and just gave up, openly stating in chat that "it's gg" or "I give up" or some iteration of surrender by minute 7-10. It didn't matter if we had another lane that was stomping, it didn't matter if literally everyone else on the team was doing well--all that mattered to them is that they personally weren't doing well, and they were willing to spoil the entire game for the rest of the team because of it. I find it nearly impossible to win games when this happens, even when it's just a single teammate doing it, and when it's happening every game, it becomes discouraging. This becomes especially difficult for me because I am the type with a tendency to try helping/following teammates even when they are making poor decisions/plays. I recognize I need to stop doing that. :X does everyone else deal with those teammates? Does anyone else notice this occurring more frequently now than in the past? I typically try to be actively encouraging, saying things like "we can still win" or "we have more towers/dragons" or "bottom lane is super fed, we'll be fine" because I find that offering actual gameplay advice like "stop trying to pick fights with your lane opponent who is 5/0" or "you should keep wards up more since their jungler has ganked you so many times" typically just makes failing players more angry.
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