Now Perma-Banned

Ok so RIOT can now suk it! My account has been permanently banned. I seriously never afk or feed intentionally but I do get frustrated and call people out for feeding like idiots. Is "idiot" such a bad word? Is saying "just please stfu and play" such a horrible thing? Isn't it worse to suck at the game, to feed intentionally (or like an idiot), or afk and ruin the game for everyone else? I just don't get it. Every game some kid screams, "REPORT! REPORT!" and much of the time it is over absolutely nothing or something like "Dude please stop feeding their adc"; "REPORT! TOXIC!". And in about 60% of the games, you get people calling out racial slurs and talking about other people's moms. So if RIOT leaves the reporting decision to people like this, people who ruin the game because they are horrible at it and they feed and then blame others for their own mistakes............... well then FUK YOU RIOT! I'm done playing with a community full of retards with the same level of intellect as the managers of the game. Can't wait to see how quick some castrated snowflake will report this post. I feel like this community is mostly made up of 12 year-old liberal Hillary supporting snowflakes in need of safes paces that REPORT over any little "micro aggression".
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