getting reported for having fun

so i got bored of playing so i decided ill try something new and fun, so i decided to go riven bot with my friend and he went bot with yas, i just wanted to have fun and we ended up feeding since enemy was too good and we fucked up early game so then they started to get toxic and cocky then they reported us for intentional feeding and for trolling, i just wanted to have fun you know.. i would never do that in ranked though, i take it seriously but normals. oh boy, its like another ranked system jeez srsly i swear ppl take norms more serious than ranked why though? a game is meant to play for fun? so why can't i try new different things without getting reported and having fun? i swear i love this game, people are usually nice but when i want to try something people start crying like if it was ranked and world was getting destroyed.. in general, i just wanted to play riven bot and wanted to have fun for a change, not be serious and try to win a normal draft pick match, like in csgo, competitive match is serious stuff, not like casual. you feel me, what do you guys think, everyone has bad games right? one time i went riven bot with the same guy but he went blits, i ended up 30/3 i had a blast, sometimes i just wanna change things and spice up the game you know? I find it silly that i got reported by everyone in that match anyways, have a good day everyone!{{champion:92}} {{champion:157}}
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