Keeping new champions enabled in ranked promotes toxicity

Just a quick thought from my last lobby. My adc wanted Aphelios, our jungler banned him because he didn't want a (probably) zero experience player to do poorly, then the adc is like "I'm tempted to run it down mid" and the jungler instalocks Annie without flash hoping somebody would dodge. Second time it happens today, and it's been like this with Senna and every other champion release I've seen so far. And if you let the champion open and people do poorly on it, they'll get flamed all game because "they picked a champ they're not experienced with in ranked and inted", which is not so far from reality in my opinion. Is it really so necessary to keep new champs enabled in ranked? It sucks to have them on your team and it promotes toxicity towards people who want to play them/people who ban them.
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