the "League is dying" argument

Unfortunately, Riot is a bit too secretive about their player population and it's increase over the years However one thing we can make a deduction based on are the numbers on There's a [reddit post]( from last year that determined that the number of league accounts is thus: Place Region Accounts % of overall 1. **China 117.162.686** 57,19% 2. **Europe West 21.362.005** 10,43% 3. **North America 18.440.603** 9,00% 4. **Korea 13.195.346** 6,44% 5. **Europe NE 12.360.192** 6,03% 6. **Brazil 5.952.086** 2,91% 7. **Turkey 4.350.794** 2,12% 8. **Latin AmericaN3.273.837** 1,60% 9. **Latin AmericaS3.153.161** 1,54% 10. **Russia 3.118.723** 1,52% 11. **Oceania 1.699.651** 0,83% 12. **Japan 784.344** 0,38% - Overall **204.853.428** 100% they used and an article on a chinese website thats no longer seems to be available i went ahead and checked the numbers for today and came to the following: Europe West 24,528,211 North America 20,555,359 Korea 14,731,390 Europe NE 13,754,905 Brasil 7,392,947 Turkey 5,126,744 LAN 4,078,239 LAS 3,820,347 Russia 3,544,295 Oceania 1,940,075 Japan 1,012,888 for a grand total of 100,485,400, that is 12% higher than last year's number of 87.690.742 by 12,794,658 for some reason the Garena servers weren't included in last year's ad hoc census so i've included the ones from this year below: Singapore 412,777 Indonesia 157,350 Philioppines 2,825,969 Taiwan 2,077,207 Vietnam 3,845,345 Thailand 356,188 if i had a way to add the chinese server numbers, i would. alas, i don't. that doesn't look like a decline to me... {{sticker:fiora-cool}}

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