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So. received this email yesterday. See below for my reply and riots reply. Doesn't seem quite right? Myself: Good Morning Helpdesk Please assist. I received the two following mails (see attached) notifying my that my account has been suspended for MMR boosting. I am really, really intrigued to how you (or your algorithm) came to this conclusion. I have played this game for must be 5 + years now. In season 3 i even reached diamond and ran multiple successful challenger teams on the 3v3 scene (check your historical data, if it stretches back that far). Over the past few years i have finished up university and now working full time, hence the less time to play this rather enjoyable game. That is why my current elo is what it is. It doesn't mean that i have lost my skill/knowledge of the game from season 3 just i play less so degrade in rank. So for trying hard, winning games i have been punished. Maybe i will tactfully loose games on purpose when my suspension is lifted because i wouldn't want to give the impression i am winning too many games. I am upset that you have come to the conclusion. From my account it doesn't even (visually) look like i have done anything wrong. I would at least like the justification for why (with detailed explanation) i have been banned. Thank you for reading. Regards --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Herbie28 Yesterday at 17:50 Hello Urban, Your suspension was only issued after an extensive investigation was run to ensure your involvement in MMR boosting. As explained in the email you received in response to your suspension, the following actions have been taken on your account: -A two-week suspension has been issued to your account. -All previous Season rewards (Victorious skins, borders, season icons, season ward skins) have been stripped from your account. -You are ineligible for any 2016 Season rewards While you may feel that this punishment is too harsh, please realize that having accounts boosted, for whatever reason, ruins the spirit of League of Legends competitive play. While you are ineligible for any rewards in the 2016 Season, this does not disqualify you for anything pertaining to the 2017 Season. Keep in mind that if you have any future involvement in MMR boosting, your account will be permanently suspended. More information, including the definition of Boosting can be found here: Best regards. Herbie28 Player Support Specialist Riot Games For the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dog. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Urban Stealth Yesterday at 18:14 Hello Please check the IP registered and used for this account. NO mmr boosting has taken place? I really insist you provide me with some evidence. I do not account boost nor ever have? I have recently only climbed from gold to plat. and lost plenty of games doing it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Urban Stealth Today at 14:45 Hello Support Desk Please can you provide me with some evidence to your investigation. I am not asking for what or how you think you detected me doing anything but playing on my own account? But I would like some closure other than a generic email sent to the real criminals ruining your game. Not a for player who really hasn't done anything wrong apart from not getting to play this game enough. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Urban Stealth Today at 14:48 Furthermore for when my ban is lifted, how can I safely play my account? I do not want to be banned in future instances for winning too many games. Because that is what has happened here. U**********************************UPDATE********************************* Herbie28 Today at 14:10 Greetings Urban Stealth, I've gone ahead and double checked the situation and I'm afraid that we are 100% certain of our claim. Thus we will not be removing the suspension, nor will we be adding back the season rewards. Also, due to security reasons, I am unable to provide you with any information regarding the means or time of detection. This decision is final and we consider the matter closed. Best regards. Herbie28 Player Support Specialist Riot Games For the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dog. Avatar Urban Stealth Today at 14:25 Herbie, I don't really consider this matter closed without any evidence I am being accused unjustly of boosting. I have spend a fair amount of money on this game, and have supported riot games for many years. Yes I have played games with similar Urban players (brothers, cousins) but if you check the history you will see I have played with them for years. I understand the matter for security but currently I am going off your word for proof of a deeper investigation. The MASSIVE worry I have is when I come back to this game. I will be playing at a lower elo to what I believe I can achieve and will likely win most of my games. I will also be playing from multiple locations in the UK. My current residence in surrey, my fathers home in new Buckinghamshire and my mothers home in Dorset. THE THREE IP locations I have logged on to from my account. (assuming you can check this) Herbie, I have supported this game from the near start and have NOT allowed ANYONE to access my account and play games for me. Again I have played numerous games in high elo bracket in season 3/4. Avatar Urban Stealth Today at 14:42 Hello RiotGames, I understand your security concerns on not being able to explain to me why you believe to be 100% certain on the reason for my ban. However, thinking about the way you could detect a valid mmrBoosting behaviour drives me to a conclusion that a static IP address that is linked to other accounts being mmrboosted might have been used by me to into my urbanstealth account. That would be the university where my father current resides and is studying - it would make sense for someone from the university to "aid" themselves in a monetary way by helping other players to unlawfully obtain higher ranking. As I am 100% certain that there was nobody else using my account at any time of my League of Legends plays history I am more than happy to aid you by providing any extra information about where I was playing from etc. to support my claim. I do currently work as a 3rd line support engineer in government company - thus understanding of your jargon would not be an issue. I am really shocked by the fact that I was banned, it is a huge hit for me, as I have worked my way up the ranks in various seasons before. Cheating is not part of my nature and I condemn it as whole - please provide me with more options or ways to provide you with more information so this kind of wrongly applied judgement won't happen to other legitimate players in the future. Cameron Leatherbarrow UPDATE * * * * * * * * * Greetings Urban Stealth, I can understand your frustration and, in order to ensure that no mistake is made, I've gone ahead and checked for a third time that your suspension is valid. Unfortunately, the result did not change, as we are certain that your account has been boosted. As such, I'm afraid that your suspension will not be lifted under any circumstance. Best regards. Herbie28 Player Support Specialist Riot Games For the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the dog. Avatar URBAN STEALTH Today at 20:47 Please herbie. I am now at the point of begging. I would like some evidence or suggestion to what i have done. even a time period? I would also like you to advice for when my account is unbanned to play this game again. I AM really worried it will be banned permanently because i haven't done anything wrong here expect win quite alot of games and got to plat. even in the last year i have gone from plat to gold and back to plat. :/ i have changed a total of 2 divisions. Avatar URBAN STEALTH Today at 20:50 I even streamed this game for a while back in season 3 when i reached diamond. How can i be accused of reaching plat and paying someone to do it for me. There is not justice. Avatar URBAN STEALTH Today at 20:51 I have BEEN consistent in PLAT elo for 3 years. I havent paid someone for 3 years to boost me.
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