Confused on "exposed"

So yeah, I played an aram game and after two botched rerolls, I got stuck with Illaoi. I didn't know how to play her, it was my genuine first time, but I somehow got an S+. Seriously, I was on level 1, and the first win and any points I got on her, were a solid S+. Imagine my surprise. But that ain't the point; my evelynn teammate, post game, was ranting about how I was "exposed" thinking I had prior experience with Illaoi. (Though, she may have been jealous because she was 5/6/18 and I was 15/4/19, and she was mildly harrying me in-game.) I tried to correct her and get her to explain, but she just laughed and left. Any advice on how to deal with this situation?
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