Can I get my skins transferred from a banned account??? (please help)

I was banned for flaming someone who was feeding in my game. A kha had all tear in his inventory and was running it down while saying he wanted to "switch teams" I was flaming him because he was saying that he was good and he was flaming me back. I've only been reported TWICE and now I am banned for being mad at someone who is making me lose my game??? Are you kidding me??? So far it has been several hours since my ban and my friends are in contact with the khazix who was feeding and flaming. He has not recieved any penalty of any type although at least 3 people reported him. While I do not agree with my ban, all I ask is that I can get my skins back. Though I do recognize that in the moment I was very mad at the player, I have sunken several hours, and over $200 into the game. I really need some way to get my skkins back. Beacuse if not, I am just going to completely quit playing league of legends. Thank you in advance to anyone who has any helpful information. If a rioter somehow sees this, then please explain to me why you are perma banned for being reported TWICE, not to mention for flaming in chat. Why am I not given a chat restriction? I was n't actually interferring with the game in any way, yet I am not permanently banned for my words. I am still in shock and disbelief that I am banned and am very sad and angry about what has happened. Thank you in advance, ShadowStom4422
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