This is Permabanabble???

I have never thought of myself as a very negative or toxic person. I've absolutely no issues with getting punished for negativity in any other competitive game, or life for that matter, aside from League. I don't really understand why my normal behavior is not up to the standards of this game. Despite this I've taken the advice of Riot support at every turn and I have been making my best effort at being a more positive player in game. I have found the community very toxic and this has been difficult to do but I have given it my best shot. I am not very good and I have a lot of bad games but I do not feel that gives people the right to flame, insult and curse at me. However no matter what awful things they throw at me I attempt to just brush it off and stay positive throughout the game. I felt like I have been doing a pretty good job at this but I was extremely saddened to find that my actions were only rewarded with a very harsh permanent ban :( I think and hope this might be a mistaken ban as my last game went VERY very badly - I preferred not to play the Bot role and I asked to switch with someone, and our mid laner accepted my offer. However he still picked a mid champ but went bot with it anyway. I was then counterpicked and camped in mid lane and had a very bad game going 0-11. My team then ganged up on me, insulted me, trolled me and presumably reported me for intentional feeding, but I did NOT int I simply had a very hard matchup (kassadin vs talon) along with a shaco camping me and I just could not even get one assist in there. I think the system might have automatically flagged me as an intentional feeder by my score or maybe flagged me for not respecting draft roles even though the switch was agreed upon in pre-game chat. I am hoping this is the reason for my ban and if not I am very confused because my chat logs are very positive even though I was being harassed in all of them. Game 1 Opdí: ... Opdí: dude Opdí: you literally said you would bot Opdí: ....... Opdí: really bot? Opdí: dude Opdí: it's 4 minutes in and your lane is all over the place Opdí: get it together.. Opdí: muted. Opdí: 2v1 mid Opdí: i mean like Opdí: it's up to you Opdí: you can continue letting thresh dive me over and over if you want to lose :/ Opdí: like Opdí: l o l Opdí: gg Opdí: dude Opdí: can you not :/ Opdí: im already literally 3v1 here, i dont need my farm stolen too Opdí: ??? Opdí: hey man you're the one who decided to go with a troll pic, that's not on me. Opdí: especially when ur lane roaming is the reason for all of this Opdí: what are you talking about? Opdí: that's completely irrelevant. Opdí: malz is whining about me getting mid Opdí: when he's the one who gave it up Opdí: and picked a troll bot laner Opdí: so negative. Opdí: hmmmmm and i wonder who has assists on every one of those deaths xD Opdí: look i asked you to do something about the thresh roaming Opdí: or i said you could keep letting him if you wanted to lose Opdí: dont say i didnt warn you Opdí: theres no way i can do anything in a lane where im already hard countered by talon Opdí: and im ALSO getting camped by a shaco and a support Opdí: so Opdí: i dont really know what you want me to do. Opdí: whining about my score doesn't accomplish anything Opdí: god so toxic dude, relax it';s just a game :) Opdí: you shouldn't be getting so angry you should be having fun Opdí: morg i can see you standing still rofl Opdí: you know i muted you right xDF Opdí: you know, i can live with myself having a bad game Opdí: but i dont know if i could knowing that i become so engraged to the point of cursing people out over losing a video game xDD Opdí: gg wp I realize that I messed up here. Our malz started blatantly lying about how I stole mid from him and forced him to go bot, which wasn't true at all. He agreed to give it up. I will admit I felt compelled to defend myself in chat - I have heard stories before of people who were banned for not respecting draft roles, and I was afraid of being reported and the system seeing that I went mid even though I was assigned bot. I also had the nagging fear that he was a troll trying to bait me into a report by promising a role to me and then playing dumb. This was my first mistake - I should have ignored my fear and not engaged in that topic at all. I let him bait me into this conversation, which he then changed the topic of to my poor score. At this point I got a little carried away since I was already talking to him absent mindedly - I started trying to politely explain my bad score and why I was unable to stop continually dying in my lane, which I definitely shouldn't have done. I thought that if I explained that I wasn't trying to blame anyone and that arguing over my score wouldn't change things, that we could focus on winning as a team. I see now that I was wrong in thinking this, and that I should have just said nothing and taken the abuse silently, which would have been best. A lot of this chat was also lighthearted banter in all chat, which I thought would help lighten the mood. Game 2 Opdí: wow plz stop being toxic Opdí: muted, enjoy ur report Opdí: lol mute him and hes still even toxic Opdí: plz stop harassing me im sorry im not good at supp Opdí: but that doesnt make it ok Opdí: sorry, you cant harass people and then report them for having a bad game Opdí: u dont get to do that Opdí: lol is kog still talking in all chat geez Opdí: ive started most of them lol Opdí: althought its be nice if you stop insisting that im inting Opdí: its quite rude Opdí: i cant feel my fingertip bc of a pinched nerve Opdí: and i cant feel what keys its on sometimes Opdí: so i play bad Game 3 Opdí: use dat map "boy" Opdí: muted Opdí: see bot knows how Opdí: zzz Opdí: excuse me? Opdí: i dont see how you can say to report me with a straight face. Opdí: you're the one cursing me out Opdí: it's just a game dude, relax :) Opdí: wow so toxic Opdí: there's no need to get so angry over a video game Opdí: you should be enjoying it :) Opdí: well that's good for you :) Opdí: coulda fooled me though, if you're not angry you should stop cursing at me xD Opdí: it's quite rude Opdí: lol? Opdí: shutdown gold for 2 inh Opdí: such a toxic game lmao Opdí: kaisa cussing me out all game too even tho were winning I'm completely at a loss for explaining these two games. I literally cannot find a single bad thing I said in these games. I do not have the slightest clue why I would be punished for these two games. I am being RELENTLESSLY flamed in all of these games and I tried to keep my cool, remain positive and not engage with trolls instead trying to de-escalate and be friendly. It's really difficult and frustrating to sit there and take all this abuse and I try to just mute whenever I see the conversation becoming unproductive. Is it unusual that I constantly get placed with all of these vulgar flamers and trolls? I mean it's like every other game that I get INCESSANTLY cussed out for playing badly. Was I placed in a special queue for negative players or something? And honestly, do people read these chat logs and think to themselves "this is the type of person that we NEVER want playing this game again?" Really? Am I actually such a negative plague on the community for this? Where are you Tantram? Why don't you roast me for being such a horrible person too?
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