The basic rules of lowelo

If you win no matter how hard, or easy write "gg ez" at the end. You won't get punished for it ever, and enemy will be outraged. If you win lane, then losing the game is not your fault no matter what. If your teammate is soft losing the lane, then DON'T YOU DARE to help him. If soft lose turns into hard lose, then start flaming, if enemy start roam, then flame, if teammate dies to gank, then flame, if teammate lose turret, then flame. Botlane stat is always combined. And no matter how good/bad the carry, or support they go together. Even if one afks out for babyrage the other is to blame as well. If you lose even just slightly, then spam surr. after 15. You are free to quit for whatever reason you have. Such as denied penta, being ganked more by enemy than team, or simply having a bad moment. You need to go afk at least 25 times in a month to get real punishment. Use it! Ranked is the only game mode, that exist in the game. You are not allowed to go any other game mode ever. If you want to switch role, or try out new champion, then do it on ranked! If you lose, then ALWAYS blame the team. Even if you are first timer champ, and give 10 kills to enemy in 10 minutes. It's jungler's fault. If you dive enemy on lvl2 and die as ADC, then blame support. Remember, that you are always the BEST player. Never forget to report everyone for everything. If enemy just says a word, or a joke, then get offended. If teammate gives advice, then get offended, because he obviously thinks, that you are noob. If team loses, then report entire team for int. feed. If team wins, then report anyone who ever said a word for something, and those who didn't should be reported for refusing communication. EDIT (thanks for reminding me): Wards are for the weak! Don't use them. If you die to enemy gank, then blame your jungler. EDIT2 (thanks for reminding again): NEVER. Under no circumstances check the map, and the position of teammates, and enemy. Engage at any time against any enemy. If at least 1 of you die, then you are allowed to report everyone who lived for not helping, and everyone who died for feeding.
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