The irony of REPORT system and CHAT restriction.

So i got chat restricted because of my "chat" log. EDIT: before you go in.... I'm not arguing that i SHOULDN'T be punished. What i'm arguing is the things you saw on my chat log looks squeaky clean compare to what my teammates have typed when they provoked and instigated the toxicity. Why does the chat log only contains what i wrote? What about my teams chat log, it should've been included as well. And why can't we have the option to dispute (those other teammates should be punished too). Also, to people that says you shouldn't have said "stupid" back. Imagine yourself being bullied in your school. You're suppose to not fight back right? Just like you also get in trouble at the principal's office if you fight back the bully. I guess that sounds about right. But in my case, the bully got scoff free while the victim that defended his self (saying "stupid" back) get all the punishments. The "irony" im tallking about is that premade duo can turn the mob mentality and voting system against one player. As evidence below, my chat logs pretty squeaky clean aside from that one time i repeated what the other player said "stupid". Be honest, compare this chat to what you'd normally see on your games. I know you can recall and imagine how your toxic teammates gang on you in chat. TL;DR: IF you read the entirety of my chats, i was literally begging the team to stop talking so i can do my job. The only fault i have is not muting the team so i could've done my job. Also, notice how all my chats were not started by me.... all of them are replies from constant typing of teammates. It's like getting jumped by alleyway robbers and still expect me to do my job properly. Thresh (our support) won't shut up about me not wanting to take dragon. My reason was enemy jungler scry bloomed and know we are in dragon so i wanted to settle for scuttle. Thresh pointed out we have prio coz botlane is winning BUUUT our ADC is under tower with 20-25% hp (too far to assist) while Graves (enemy JG) is just behind the dragon cave and enemy mid lane is inbound. So that's just me and Thresh so i just wanted to gtfo after scuttle. But thresh started the dragon (we're still lvl 3-4 at this point). Game 1 In-Game Knife88Edge: show up on river Knife88Edge: im takin their blue Knife88Edge: nvm Knife88Edge: here instead Knife88Edge: dont wanna (this part is 1min30sec, so irrelevant) Knife88Edge: no (this is were i was telling him and pinging not to start dragon) Knife88Edge: no Knife88Edge: tsss Knife88Edge: your'e the idiot (he called me an idiot, i just replied the same thing) Knife88Edge: i told you no Knife88Edge: scuttle wouldve been fine Knife88Edge: graves knkew we were in river Knife88Edge: it was stupid for you to start dragon Knife88Edge: if we had prio bot lane, where's our adc Knife88Edge: learn to read the map Knife88Edge: im blaming the supp bt, not the adc Knife88Edge: nah Knife88Edge: yeah they did, coz you stupid (believe me, Thresh said waaaay worse...) Knife88Edge: yeah, thanks for giving graves a lead thresh Knife88Edge: yeah, thanks for forcing my hand Knife88Edge: scuttle was the right call Knife88Edge: you triggered the draogn Knife88Edge: yeah you forced me to fight the dragon fight Knife88Edge: like you are insisting right now that dragon is the right call Knife88Edge: you forced graves to get into dragon Knife88Edge: and subsequently lux (enemy midlane) Knife88Edge: lol i flashed into graves to fear him towards dragon Knife88Edge: i reposition graves to get brunt of the dragon atks Knife88Edge: dude you 1-4 and you're not even dealing with this thresh (talking to Kled midlane) Knife88Edge: preoccupied by this thresh Knife88Edge: yeah thanks to thresh Knife88Edge: if t hresh can stop talking, we can jg Knife88Edge: i died top trying to help pantheon while being distracted by thresh Knife88Edge: if thresh wasnt tallking, i wouldve been doing my job Knife88Edge: i dont gank anywhere because i have to type Knife88Edge: if thresh can stop typing id be jungling Knife88Edge: yeah i missed helping panth again coz i had to type Knife88Edge: hey kled (our midlaner), must be nice if i couldve helped panth if you guys stopped typing Knife88Edge: yeah panth, wouldve been nice if i was able to help. but this mid and supp keep having me talk Knife88Edge: you died 2x when i couldved helped you, but this mid and supp wants me to reeply Knife88Edge: yeah, my past 2 ww games been clear wins Knife88Edge: i wonder why thjis one get so bad Knife88Edge: yeah, thresh keeps making bad calls and types all game Knife88Edge: everyone saying i didnt gank. but i cant perform my duties coz they all keep talking Knife88Edge: yeah, preoccupying your jg works Knife88Edge: you see how you chat all game Knife88Edge: lol Knife88Edge: if i wasnt force to repply to all your chats, i wouldve been ganking and counter ganking Knife88Edge: and you could restrain typing thresh btw, but you keep provoking Knife88Edge: im on a 2 game win streak on ww, i wonder why the sudden change on this game Knife88Edge: you keep typing Knife88Edge: lol nice ttry Knife88Edge: see the kda Knife88Edge: i had more assist than kills Knife88Edge: yeah loud mouth supp > [{quoted}](name=Żügżwäng,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pBqNKb4E,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2020-01-13T17:42:46.991+0000) > > You're flagged for the crime of typing too much. People get their fee fees hurt and report rather than muting. > Yes this isn't strictly positive chat, but sadly this is considered punishable. Their rules so play by them. > People with a temperament have to endure toxic behavior even if what you're saying is justified. Give a passive aggressive comment to rest your conscious and then ignore them. > It is unfortunate that a lot of toxic players soft int to throw the game while remaining silent in chat and avoid penalty Yeah i get that. And i usually 95% mute my team mates who are toxic against me. It hurts abit coz i consider myself as a cheerleader of my team. It's actually one of my main strategy when my teammates feed. I've had a lot of games turned around difusing toxic chat. This game went the other way around when the bombardment of chat was just too many. With that in mind, I still pleaded with the team to stop talking so we couldve a meaningful comeback. I repeatedly said i'd be ganking and counter ganking if they'd just stop hounding me. That's why i didn't mute them. **I still had hope we'd turn it around**. _**And that's the sad part. **_ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- But anyways, feel free to close the thread. I've been updated that mass-reporting doesn't work. I got chat restricted because i said "stupid." I've heard all what i needed to hear. Thanks Umbral Regent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reflections: I finally got to read other similar topics here in Player Behavior. It seems there's a lot of players getting banned as a result of defending themselves. Chat system is always toxic BUUUUT Riot has a good thing going on in their ping/emote system. I'd love to see if we can have a "Ping/Emote System" only mode. Riot already has a good system in my opinion. And in my few games i've been playing with chat restriction, i've been heavily using emotes to say nice work or good job. It reminds me of 4th Night where i really enjoy the game without having to deal with in-game voice. All the things i need to communicate was done in a ping system and some emotes. With that said, the other players need to be clearly aware that this particular player will only communicate in ping/emotes. Maybe a special icon that a player is on "ping/emote" mode only?
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