Unfair punishments

Soooooo... In the history of my account, i've been forced several times to afk during whole games. My ping is pretty random every game. Sometimes, it lags nonstop during a whole week, and sometimes do the complete opposite. I'm usually on a ping around 30 - 35 ms. When lagging, it mostly just spikes up to 200 every 5 seconds. But sometimes, it goes up to something like 2000 or 3000 and stays there, going up and down. The game doesn't stop freezing, teleporting and disconnecting me. Therefore, any attempt to play or help my teammates would obviously result in feeding. Those forced afk behaviors are frustrating, but the worse part is that i actually get consequences for it, like lower priority queue and stuff. I'm not asking for a solution with my ping, neither to remove inactivity sentences, but maybe the ia that gives them should check up your ping aswell, you know... just to not make your day worse by getting you a 20 min timer before every game unfairly. Details : - I can't know when or if i will lag during a game, my ping is totally random. It can be bad, but can also be great, which is why i still do play the game. - I'm not living far away from Riot's servers or anything. - I'm going afk in order to spare my team from an useless teammate that lags too much to even just last hit. I'm not shitting on Riot, and i don't want to. I understand the measures that are taken to punish the players that leaves games. But i'm sure some adjustments about those would benefit a small, if not tiny part of players that are getting problems for this. Have a good day^^

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