A word to people flaming you for being bad.

From my game yesterday; "I'm sorry I'm not better than my enemy laner. I'm sorry that my cs doesn't meet your standard. I'm sorry that I can't kite as you wish yet, or know how to ward and position most effectively. I'm only silver And for all you need to know, I am trying to win this game just as much as you do. But your flaming and insulation doesn't make me play better. I don't know what happened in your life to think this is a way to motivate people. But it doesn't. So if you want to win, don't treat me as an enemy, because we're on the same side." I know it's a little venty, but it keeps being so horribly annoying when your midlane flames the botlane or jungle to infinity. And yes, while muting is an option, it doesn't solve the problem. Yesterday we had a game where I had a Lucian + Morgana completely stomping botlane, no matter what we tried, no matter how ahead I was on kill participation, he was just way better. The midlane brand and Jax jungle then made it their job to flame the hell out of me because I was dying so much. The game before I was losing hard against a Lucian and Blitz crank botlane, and a nunu camping bot. I tried to farm to pull my way to late game, but their dive and pull potential/skill was just too big to play against. The midlane Annie was spamming "report my team" I'm all chat the entire game. Luckily through hard work and dedication, I pulled through and bought the items I needed, and recovered from the head start they head, eventually ending up winning both games. Proving a flamer wrong has never felt more satisfying than carrying the hell out of a game people complained about you throwing.
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