I'm perma'd, WHAT?

I'm lit er ally. Going into a ranked game looking to have fun and win. That is all. And Riot gives me a game in which I sit undertower for 15 fucking minutes of my life being dived 6 times with no jungle pressure or help. My jungler is choosing to ignore me for who the fcuk knows what. And my teammates don't say anything or do anything to help me. My reward? Hey everyone lets 9x ban this tryn for ruining the game oh yeah and he was toxic... MY FAULT? FOR LOSING A RANKED GAME IN WHICH IM SITTING UNDER TOWER WITH NO HELP. And what I'm supposed to be hushed up? I don't want no fucking excuses about oh hey just don't say this or that. Im rewarded with one game chat logs and what? automatically after finishing my promos. It's such bullshit I can't climb ranked without dealing with constant games like these where I'm put in this position.. Oh yeah and I got auto filled top twice? who the fcuk knows what. Edit: Oh yeah and no. I wasn't automatically being toxic. I asked Zac to gank me after 10 min and NO ONE. said anything. Like I was talking to a brick wall without response. Remember my last thread they want you to be a robot? I have a fucking dick im not a robot Im a human being why don't you fucking subject players to this mental fuicking abuse. Same system, bullshit ass excuses as always. Game 1 Pre-Game shelovessosa: bruh i just want my mid lp to go up and i keep getting top shelovessosa: someone dodge 0.0 In-Game shelovessosa: teemo gonna give me that yordle dick shelovessosa: OUTTRADES ME SO MUCH shelovessosa: im fucked shelovessosa: my lane priority is over shelovessosa: nunu will pressure me cause of snow ball shelovessosa: lol plus ninja tabi xp gold lead shelovessosa: fk me shelovessosa: im hard farming late game now and split pushing shelovessosa: it is what it is. shelovessosa: u wanna complain try vs some prick who mains poppy lol shelovessosa: zac shelovessosa: btw poppy has been shoved in making trades not getting punished by ganks shelovessosa: im not gonna be talking to a poppy main shelovessosa: being auto filled? shelovessosa: i dont even playh tryn lol shelovessosa: this bitch got no humour either shelovessosa: poppy? shelovessosa: tf is this shelovessosa: HEY ZAC shelovessosa: HELLOL. shelovessosa: im undder toweer for fucking 10 min shelovessosa: no ganks shelovessosa: outfarmmed shelovessosa: out csed shelovessosa: and ur what? shelovessosa: doing what shelovessosa: im gonna fucking flame u cause i have a right to shelovessosa: i fucking hateu zac shelovessosa: 3rd tower dive shelovessosa: no fourth by poppy shelovessosa: no. shelovessosa: fucking. shelovessosa: ganks. shelovessosa: report zac not comm w team mates shelovessosa: i love it how non olf u are shelovessosa: watching top shelovessosa: and seeing what im having to deal with shelovessosa: i hate all ofu shelovessosa: go fuck ur self zac./ shelovessosa: jack ass. shelovessosa: and the four of u shelovessosa: arer assholesd. shelovessosa: IM UNDER TOWERR shelovessosa: FOR 15 MIN shelovessosa: NO GANK,S shelovessosa: fuck u. shelovessosa: FARFM? shelovessosa: RU STUPID. shelovessosa: AND THATS REASON I GET NO HELP? shelovessosa: go to hell. shelovessosa: idc at this point bullshirt. shelovessosa: making fun of me yay shelovessosa: never have fun playing ranked shelovessosa: its do this in lane and play well. shelovessosa: and im not. shelovessosa: oofc. shelovessosa: he muted me shelovessosa: gogd knows why. shelovessosa: im reporting kai shelovessosa: hm i wonder why shes 7/1/4 maybe the xp and gold lead she gained by diving me under tower for 15 fucking min and freezing lane shelovessosa: ZAC shelovessosa: NICE IDEA MUTING ME HUH shelovessosa: HUH? shelovessosa: WHERE WAS MY GANKS 15 MIN shelovessosa: U THINK u can blame me? shelovessosa: no. shelovessosa: u didnt fucking do anmything shelovessosa: \IDC shelovessosa: what did he do about poppy? shelovessosa: all 4 of u will say some bs like its my fult. shelovessosa: jackasses. shelovessosa: silver fucks. shelovessosa: braindead poppy chases shelovessosa: HAAHAHAH shelovessosa: for a dude with zed in his name u sure dont know how to correctly combo shelovessosa: ur supposed to throw w infront and ult and save3 q's shelovessosa: gg Post-Game shelovessosa: lool? shelovessosa: zac. shelovessosa: zac. shelovessosa: for 15 min shelovessosa: u ignored me shelovessosa: INT FEEDING????!?!?!?! shelovessosa: LOOOL shelovessosa: LOOOOL shelovessosa: zac first of all shelovessosa: i didnt say a wortd uintil shelovessosa: u didnt respond to one chat shelovessosa: second of all zac shelovessosa: u didnt gank top for 15 min shelovessosa: 3rd of all shelovessosa: u didnt evne commit shelovessosa: bro shelovessosa: she was diving shelovessosa: 6 times shelovessosa: on top shelovessosa: u didnt pressure at all shelovessosa: and uw anan say this bullshit? shelovessosa: i can tyell ur fucking silvere. shelovessosa: he expects me to shelovessosa: win lkane shelovessosa: with no jg pressure shelovessosa: bullshit lmao shelovessosa: and shelovessosa: i got autofilled shelovessosa: w him
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