"GG EZ" - Can we please do something about this childish crap?

Getting so fed up with players who end the game with "GG EZ" - regardless of whether it is on my team or theirs. It's so juvenile and disrespectful for the 10 humans who have to play the game in order for these children to get their jollies. Can we at least bring in a solution like they have in Overwatch (where the phase is changed to something like "my mummy is telling me to get off the computer now")? The honor system change when it came in was nice and it cut out a lot of nonsense. But can we at least get an indication that the "GG EZ" types will at least get chat restricted or punished in some way? It's so sad that this part of League toxicity still is allowed to exist. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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