Perma Banned? Do i really deserve a perma ban?

I have gotten suspended once and tried re framing my behavior. i wasn't being toxic really at all but trying to communicate with my team and being honest. I honestly dont think this is worth a perma ban at all. I'm basically asking if you could maybe un perma ban it and maybe make it like a 6 mont or anything less than perma? i spent so much money on this game and don't think what i said was at all worth a perma ban. here's what it says i was banned for. Game 1 LuxuryBlades: poppy please gank me early so i can get a kill and darm LuxuryBlades: make that $40 and you have a deal LuxuryBlades: $20 mine is the smallest here LuxuryBlades: poppy keep doing that LuxuryBlades: other wise io cant stack LuxuryBlades: poppy really LuxuryBlades: gg LuxuryBlades: I FUCKING TOLD U MORON LuxuryBlades: gg LuxuryBlades: WARd LuxuryBlades: poppy ganks 1 time LuxuryBlades: gets a kill LuxuryBlades: and doesnt gank again LuxuryBlades: so smart LuxuryBlades: CAUSE YOU ALLL FED HER LuxuryBlades: i hate m,y team LuxuryBlades: there so bad LuxuryBlades: ther LuxuryBlades: do i care? LuxuryBlades: shocker another kill LuxuryBlades: ME? LuxuryBlades: yes LuxuryBlades: but she wasnt in lane for FUCKING 10 MINS DUMB ASS LuxuryBlades: SHES BEEN MIA FOR 10 MISNSSMNSN LuxuryBlades: gj draven LuxuryBlades: this is bronze ahaha LuxuryBlades: report poppy adk LuxuryBlades: afk LuxuryBlades: thats not why im mad LuxuryBlades: Aas you can see i have 0 deaths towards your 16 LuxuryBlades: tjhats why im mad LuxuryBlades: morono LuxuryBlades: and no im silver LuxuryBlades: 1 LuxuryBlades: was gold last year LuxuryBlades: ik bot lanbe scusk LuxuryBlades: yet u keep going there LuxuryBlades: na LuxuryBlades: payback suck LuxuryBlades: cauyse im ot dumb LuxuryBlades: na LuxuryBlades: my team is erally good LuxuryBlades: im better than my whole team LuxuryBlades: ? LuxuryBlades: ill be farming til;l 600 stack LuxuryBlades: k feder LuxuryBlades: i finnally died LuxuryBlades: congratys LuxuryBlades: yea after a vayne was 15-5 wow LuxuryBlades: i failed shit LuxuryBlades: dumb ass LuxuryBlades: end already LuxuryBlades: this leona LuxuryBlades: is so smart LuxuryBlades: gj leona LuxuryBlades: i dont understand how a team feeds this much LuxuryBlades: pls doi LuxuryBlades: bye LuxuryBlades: yet i gave poppy a kill in first 6 mins ahaha LuxuryBlades: and you didnt help, but make it worse moron LuxuryBlades: and made it worse LuxuryBlades: plus 6+ LuxuryBlades: pls report me for being the only not bad one lol LuxuryBlades: you keep talkking ahah LuxuryBlades: ok LuxuryBlades: gg LuxuryBlades: pls end LuxuryBlades: end it now pls LuxuryBlades: poppy so good LuxuryBlades: gg LuxuryBlades: no shit Game 2 LuxuryBlades: thats why bronze sucks LuxuryBlades: no LuxuryBlades: really LuxuryBlades: i said back off LuxuryBlades: and you didnt listen LuxuryBlades: instead youfeed him LuxuryBlades: tahnk you LuxuryBlades: PLS GANK TOP LuxuryBlades: thanks graves we lsot cause i cant farm LuxuryBlades: ghetto fuck LuxuryBlades: graves why smurf lol LuxuryBlades: the feeds are real LuxuryBlades: i got d-cane LuxuryBlades: 3 really? LuxuryBlades: STOP OVER EXTENING WTF GUYS LuxuryBlades: your bad LuxuryBlades: push lkulu push LuxuryBlades: wow LuxuryBlades: they fed you a little LuxuryBlades: shitty tea, LuxuryBlades: team LuxuryBlades: shut up your bad LuxuryBlades: my team fed u LuxuryBlades: 12 kills LuxuryBlades: no they didnt LuxuryBlades: leona so dumb LuxuryBlades: gj team LuxuryBlades: feed acomplished lol LuxuryBlades: 6-10 lmao LuxuryBlades: gropip LuxuryBlades: moron LuxuryBlades: graves your so bnad LuxuryBlades: no game senxe man LuxuryBlades: sense LuxuryBlades: says 6-10 swain LuxuryBlades: gg LuxuryBlades: nasus free farm opop LuxuryBlades: gg Please tell me how this deserves a perma ban? even after i made sure to not be toxic. it doesnt show what they were saying either i was being polite compared to them. please, im will no longer even type in chat anymore. i really dont know what im going to do
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