Proof Words Can Have Ruinous Consequences

These studies help prove words have a real effect on people, especially developing children like many playing this game. This should finally put a stop to the "snowflake argument." The studies talk about increased risk of life changing choices and events correlated with verbal abuse. Yeah correlation isn't causation, but nobody's ever going to do an experiment to prove this. Riot can't give out bans for every offensive word or phrase, but to act like they should allow full freedom of speech is potentially damaging to several million young people. We're left with no choice, but to accept words have lasting consequences. How much does that carry over to LOL? And how can Riot counter the effects? Full on censor everything that hurts? I don't like it, but maybe it's right to protect youth. It'll protect kids, but Riot is going to have a royal pain in the ass, and adults might not appreciate it. Censor nothing? Maybe? It's possible going down this road will be better in the end? Though certainly it'll fuck up some kids. Let users decide what to censor? I like this, it lets people protect themselves as much as they feel they need to. I don't trust children to use this properly. Let Riot decide what to censor? I don't like this, but it's definitely an option. Puts the responsibility entirely on Riot. What other options do you guys see here? Which one and why would you choose it? What would be best for children, adults, parents, and Riot? Edit - maybe riot could inject good vibes to counter verbal abuse? I'd say Riot is doing the right thing by focusing on chat bans rather than focusing on behavioral and trolling bans.
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