mistakenly Banned

I am a Kindred main in Platinum attempting to reach diamond and I play a very inconsistent playstyle common among many Kindred players. I personally do not think is grounds for a permanent suspension, though I have received one. I had tried my best in both games but despite this I had played poorly along with my teammates. I try to learn from every game I lose, and had fully intended to do the same with these games, though this was not possible as to my surprise I had been permanent suspended the next time I logged in. I am sure that I had not griefed these games, especially not intentionally. I had off games. Despite my ticket to Riot, all I had received in return was that I had griefed with no explanation. This would be my second suspension, and the first was fully my fault and I accepted that, I had been especially agitated that first ban happened. Though recently, I have been making progress in reaching my goal of diamond, coming closer than I have ever been before. I am not denying I had played poorly in these games, and I am not denying I have been previously been banned for griefing a game, though I do contest the 2nd suspension I have received unfairly. These are the two games in which I had “Intentionally Griefed”. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3221815342/93631246?tab=overview https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/3217437531/93631246?tab=overview In both games I had played very poorly, along with some of my teammates despite my best efforts. I had never queued with the intention of losing, especially with the goal of diamond in my mind. I have been building mobility boots more often as I wanted to try the playstyle. Following my ban I wrote a ticket to Riot Support, and in a couple of days I had received a response that stated the ban would not be revoked as I had griefed plain and simple. This extract shows this. “Your account received a permanent suspension because you were intentionally feeding/griefing in your recent game. Intentionally Feeding/Griefing creates a negative experience for those other players in the game. They are trying to have a fair, competitive, and sportsmanlike game. But by intentionally feeding/griefing takes that away from them and we don't want to encourage that. Since this is the second offense of intentionally feeding, we had no choice but to escalate this to our final penalty because we have warned you about this kind of behavior before and it continued.” Again, I do not deny that I have griefed before, I learned my lesson from the two week suspension. I understand now that griefing can only create negative experiences for those who are simply just trying to enjoy it, and I deeply regret that I had once griefed. Please believe me when I say I did not grief these games. From the match history itself, and VOD replays if you choose to watch, you will see I did not grief at any point in the game. I simply played horribly. I am a passionate League of Legends player, and have been for three years and I wish to continue to play this game and try my best to model a positive attitude and environment. I am genuinely sorry for previously ruining the experiences of my teammates, and I swear I have been on the tight and narrow since. Sincerely, Jeffery (Azul 1v9)
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