not punishing trollers and toxic players afker and punishing normal people

here is what riot banned me for 10 games the text Game 1 Pre-Game AligatorTheater: ban zed please AligatorTheater: oh well In-Game AligatorTheater: blue red mid or top AligatorTheater: lel AligatorTheater: shyvana top AligatorTheater: i was in his groump AligatorTheater: u mean tp to bot lane? AligatorTheater: nah AligatorTheater: forget top AligatorTheater: ff AligatorTheater: shen is counter jungling me AligatorTheater: if that is not trolling idk what is it rito AligatorTheater: i saw amumu failing gank mid and went towards top AligatorTheater: so i counter gank him and help me top laner AligatorTheater: he stood still in minions and left me to die AligatorTheater: better not go top AligatorTheater: bad player AligatorTheater: then he go troll AligatorTheater: elo goodness AligatorTheater: dude i dont cry im oldeer than ur father AligatorTheater: he open and go next and do the same win one game and lose 5 and go to iron AligatorTheater: playing rank btw AligatorTheater: sloom AligatorTheater: i stop playing rank AligatorTheater: i play at night AligatorTheater: i will lose lp AligatorTheater: children are toxic AligatorTheater: we play at night AligatorTheater: yes AligatorTheater: we are like previous game AligatorTheater: 4 vs 5 AligatorTheater: shyvana report shen please AligatorTheater: if u want to rtank up so bad AligatorTheater: becuse he might be in ur next game and afk AligatorTheater: u are reported for hate speach amumu AligatorTheater: taking the game personally becuse real life bully? AligatorTheater: yeah thats an insult aswell AligatorTheater: shen ruined a game for 3 AligatorTheater: becuse of personal attitude against me AligatorTheater: so shen why do u punish mal and bot lane ? AligatorTheater: fe jahal blmadars AligatorTheater: maynfa3 tal3ab hal7aza Post-Game AligatorTheater: harrasment AligatorTheater: reported AligatorTheater: u aswell reported now if riot would provide what the other people wrote you will take an anti depression med for it and they said shut up and reported how does this work
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