Intentional feeding in Ranked punishment ? Are the riot staff doing anything

Ok , so first of all this is not neceserally a rant to state that riot is not doing their job and stuff but seriously , EUNE is literally struck by a wave of intentional feeders , it's like a freaking mass psychosis. I've had 9 games in the past 3 days with int feeders that literally couldn't be carried . Yeah , i know , get gud and all .. and yeah , we've won games 4v5 but how many times and how many times did we do it because the enemy team was unskilled? Two days ago I saved our kindred jungler while she was taking her scuttlecrab mark , and because I was top and dared to freaking kill the guy that jumped on her she started yelling that I ks and proceeded feeding all game long , just plain old respawn walk into turret feeding the enemy. Game lost , took a breath , got autofilled as support next game ,.....and what do you know ? my adc deided to facecheck the tribush and after getting deleted , he went on doing the same thing . WTF is happening with eune ? Looks to me like more and more people with ''problems'' are appearing
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