I got banned 14 days for this chat log.

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my own teammate target banned me xx ????? because i said my teammate target abnned me? lma lmao muted stop crying draven (enemy team draven after i killed) kaisa top side first time kha btw (all chat) GANKED (all chat) stop crying muted (all chat) ya my bad thresh didn't mean to ban ur champion i have 5k gold instabot lol instabought* Gg EDIT 05/11/18 (adding more pictures): https://gyazo.com/a6b1b0d8adc9d1506aa243fd78dc8575 https://gyazo.com/15cc67746eff2a3ec40edbd1b9b94f87 EDIT 05/11/18 (adding match picture): https://gyazo.com/8dd7b6658cf53dfe91c4a26749863e50 i said "My bad thresh" to the thresh support because i got him killed. the "muted" and "stop crying" were to enemy team for banter. I did nothing toxic. and honestly, thats really just on the bridge of toxicity if it were directed to my team. I dont even remember my team doing bad that game because i was so focused on winning. after looking back on the match history, yeah their scores were bad. but before i had looked back i didn't think about them as bad at all, and neither did i talk to them as such. they were teammates. WITH context, i was not toxic, and even without toxic i was very mild.
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