does riot sup even look at chat guys???

Game 1 Pre-Game no3ur: so no3ur: lux no3ur: would you help me In-Game no3ur: i tried no3ur: actually you should have started q no3ur: omg no3ur: wtf is that damage no3ur: ammumu no3ur: i guess you should camb us for a while no3ur: i said camb no3ur: not sucide no3ur: i fuckin toel you no3ur: why are you not listening no3ur: what??? no3ur: is tha english no3ur: OK no3ur: SPEAK ENGLISH THEN no3ur: SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND no3ur: lux no3ur: can you stop taking every fuckin kill no3ur: noooo no3ur: fukc off my lane no3ur: why are you fuckin running in the other way no3ur: lux beat me bot? no3ur: are you brain dead no3ur: lux is my sup no3ur: and she took every fuckin kill no3ur: that doesn't make her any shit in the game no3ur: plus no3ur: i'm 1/4 blind no3ur: look at your best player bot no3ur: who's 5/10 no3ur: i was trying to help yu in fuckin 3 v 2 no3ur: what did you expected from me no3ur: to rape them all no3ur: and you still fuckin idiot no3ur: i'm 2/5 no3ur: and gnar is 11/4 no3ur: can you count no3ur: so gnar no3ur: they keep dying to you no3ur: and then acuse me of feeding you no3ur: answer them please blitz no3ur: this team is salty as fuck no3ur: see gnar no3ur: they are dead brainless no3ur: the cait is the only reasn you won that fight with ammumu no3ur: go fuck your self away of me till you learn how the game works and how to count deaths no3ur: cait want you to stfu and stop bieng such a huge bitch no3ur: your beloved best bot player lux is 6/169 no3ur: so just stfu no3ur: yi no3ur: don't end the game no3ur: blitz no3ur: can you please report ekko no3ur: for bitching at me the hole game no3ur: for what no3ur: whole game* no3ur: end the game gnar and report ekko please Game 2 In-Game no3ur: easy no3ur: wtf no3ur: gj no3ur: 4 v 2 and morg took the shutdown no3ur: it's ok no3ur: you doing great no3ur: omg no3ur: i fuckin hate teemo no3ur: cho no3ur: why didn't you eat that drag no3ur: i was leaving it for you no3ur: and why eve no3ur: someone get scanners no3ur: this time fuckin eat it no3ur: ok no3ur: it's 4 v 5 then no3ur: as we have no jg no3ur: and no top as obvious no3ur: so 3 v 5 no3ur: great no3ur: never leave the fuckin lane for nasus no3ur: get that drag no3ur: omg no3ur: don't fuckin let him farm no3ur: are you fuckin kidding? no3ur: you want the ad to take carry of nasus no3ur: you're 4/7 no3ur: what fuckin bitching ae you talking about no3ur: and our top is 1/8 no3ur: no offend no3ur: but wtf no3ur: i love how's she inting then talking abouat bitching no3ur: cho no3ur: do us a favor no3ur: and stick with nasus no3ur: don't let him farm no3ur: he have 800 stacks no3ur: cho no3ur: don't fuckin play cho again no3ur: 1/10 no3ur: and 6/11 no3ur: you're 2/11 no3ur: ??? no3ur: well i can't play a fuckin team game when i have a fuckin top and jg like both of you no3ur: yeah i can't when they are so fed like that no3ur: report cho and eve please Post-Game no3ur: for no3ur: bieng better than you? no3ur: you're 6/14 and talking about bitchin no3ur: i play eve jg alot no3ur: and doesn't do as much bad as you so what happened is that i was playing a normal game and acting so good and polite to people who kept bitching at me the whole at me because they fed like ekko was in my team and he made my game the worst by bitching at me the whole game for feeding saying that my sup is better while my sup was actually 6/20 and i was 10/12 and because they are friends while i'm not they reported me in group and i got banned from chat but i reported everyone of them and no i'm the one who get banned like really thx alot riot i was not going to hate this game any more btw but like for love of god look at the game and then judge i didn't even do half they did i swear thx riot
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