So people that treat u horribly go unpunished (my story)

So I've been playing Katrina and in ranked games I get owned with her with low win rate in ranked but I'd say in norms I got about a 45% winrate. Ya I suck with katarina. So I go to join a normal game and pick katarina well this guy instantly bans her and goes on to talk down to me about how stupid of a person I am and just goes on and on about how "stupid I am" and also he was with 3 other people that joined in on the bullying. So I'm like ok ur going to be a bunch of jerks I'm going to ruin ur game and feed. So dodge or I'm gun a feed. Well he didnt dodge and when game starts I tell the other team what happend and just goofing around to b honest but of course we lost. I report them for verbal harrassment. (Which didnt really happen in game cuz I muted them but at champion select is where it all happend) and feed. Honestly FIRST TIME EVER DOING THIS. So I get reported and then instantly suspended for feeding. I love how it doesnt matter how crappy or toxic or rude people are they get no punishment what so ever. Oooo maybe they get muted but that's nothing. Good to know riot has ur back for cyber bullying. Talking down to someone and bullying them like their skum of the earth deserves no punishment. But if u feed welp ur instantly suspended. THANKS RIOT FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT COMPANY

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