Ego Problems.

The ego in this game is outrageous, I was playing with a friend who went jax into darius, he fed, and after game in the lobby I put in the chat (post game lobby) "Its not exactly Jax's fault that he lost, he just didn't know the match up and against Darius thats the only thing that mattered, no reason to act like you just won worlds" he was obnoxiously bragging and calling people names so I thought I would simply tell him the truth of playing darius. This was also in defense of my friend the jax but he took it as an insult and asked sarcastically (I didn't realize it at the time) "How do I play Jax into Darius then?" I simply told him "Wait for him to pull, E, Q onto him when he tried to Q, W, stun, and walk away for trades". Now I was his friend and I had the best intentions and meant no ill will but, he kicked me from the lobby went to personally message me "%%% dont tell me how to play" and blocked me. Now the question, why do people have such absurd egos when it comes to league? I can understand if a rando was telling you how to play but if your friend is trying to help why the hate and anger?
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