14 day suspension where I feel like i wasnt toxic.

My Logs: Game 1 Garffiljorg: shen what brand of toaster do you have? Garffiljorg: xd Garffiljorg: didnt have stun Garffiljorg: leona please Garffiljorg: ww when are you planning on going bot Garffiljorg: fuck it i guess i will Garffiljorg: uhh Garffiljorg: ww Garffiljorg: wait nvm Garffiljorg: are you shitting me Garffiljorg: jump on them Garffiljorg: dont let them kill me Garffiljorg: WW DONT Garffiljorg: xin contest cs more Garffiljorg: you are wayyy behind Garffiljorg: bot wtf Garffiljorg: your laners ran up help your damn teammates Garffiljorg: tiw as a 3v4 Garffiljorg: what are you doing Garffiljorg: sigh Garffiljorg: dont fight a warwick Garffiljorg: a yorick* Garffiljorg: no Garffiljorg: xin Garffiljorg: no Garffiljorg: leona ur not Garffiljorg: xin Garffiljorg: you tried to fight a yorick Garffiljorg: when he had minions Garffiljorg: you cant complain bout anyone else Garffiljorg: what? Garffiljorg: schniped Garffiljorg: yea i probably am Garffiljorg: im xerath lmao Garffiljorg: i hit first one tho Garffiljorg: there were 3 people on me and i m a character with 0 escapes Garffiljorg: what? Garffiljorg: do you see your health? Garffiljorg: that was you under tower? Garffiljorg: abilite Garffiljorg: he rage quit Garffiljorg: xin Garffiljorg: he flamed all game Garffiljorg: yet was the shittest one on our team Garffiljorg: he was really tilted for some reason Garffiljorg: oh well Garffiljorg: BRUH Garffiljorg: why not ff Garffiljorg: probs leona tbh Garffiljorg: xin quit raging Garffiljorg: its sad Garffiljorg: you said you couner him Garffiljorg: AHAHAHAHA Garffiljorg: AHAHAhA Garffiljorg: i had time to delete what i was typing and i still got him Garffiljorg: he reconnected Garffiljorg: fizz ur so bad Garffiljorg: u lost lane to a xerath Garffiljorg: yes Garffiljorg: you lost lane to a xerath Garffiljorg: as fizz Garffiljorg: you are literally the direct counter to xerath Garffiljorg: and you lost lane to him Garffiljorg: bruh Garffiljorg: you cant kill me Garffiljorg: i won lane Garffiljorg: are you serious Garffiljorg: you dont know how you lost Garffiljorg: i solo took your tower Garffiljorg: you had to back 3 times before i backed Garffiljorg: you somehow as fizz Garffiljorg: lost lane to a xerath Garffiljorg: you ulted me lmao Garffiljorg: i used randomly qd because this is over because xin fed Garffiljorg: muted Garffiljorg: hes so salty Garffiljorg: he muted me Garffiljorg: ive only died oslo once Garffiljorg: i wasnt ganked in lane phase Garffiljorg: lol Garffiljorg: its over Garffiljorg: you fed a yorick Garffiljorg: its over Garffiljorg: xin fed a yorick Garffiljorg: yes Garffiljorg: you did Garffiljorg: he has 3 with 3 assists and 2 towers Garffiljorg: you fed a yorick Garffiljorg: you didnt pressure alne Garffiljorg: lane Garffiljorg: and? Garffiljorg: you fed the yorick Garffiljorg: no i didnt Garffiljorg: ive died to you once Garffiljorg: 3 kills 2 towers and more cs Garffiljorg: thats fed Garffiljorg: yorick is 8 kills ahead of xin but apparently isnt fed Garffiljorg: i know i play him Garffiljorg: you should never lsoe to a xerath Garffiljorg: Im talking bout xin and yorick Garffiljorg: he said start of game this is easy i counter yorick yet loses lane Garffiljorg: i dont et it Garffiljorg: yea because you fed a yorick Garffiljorg: gg Garffiljorg: report xin he rage quit Game 2 Garffiljorg: yi start bot Garffiljorg: let yorick cs and get level 2 Garffiljorg: he can all in and kill Garffiljorg: no you dont Garffiljorg: i play yi a lot lol Garffiljorg: you dont need blue Garffiljorg: you can get it level 2 easily Garffiljorg: not yi Garffiljorg: yi is aa based Garffiljorg: lb you always start bot side Garffiljorg: always Garffiljorg: as jg Garffiljorg: no matte rwho Garffiljorg: it gets all laners easily ahead Garffiljorg: wtf... Garffiljorg: complaining about b5 and dying to kruggs Garffiljorg: yi come on Garffiljorg: like why Garffiljorg: uhh jinx Garffiljorg: come to lane Garffiljorg: you dont camp 50 gold Garffiljorg: he outrangs you Garffiljorg: ranges Garffiljorg: wtf hes building ap Garffiljorg: BACK Garffiljorg: JINX Garffiljorg: ok report jinx Garffiljorg: yi stop feeding Garffiljorg: you are 0/4 minute 11 Garffiljorg: i give up Garffiljorg: our yi is 0/4 please wukong come int bot Garffiljorg: wait yi isnt building bloodrazor Garffiljorg: wait Garffiljorg: he isnt building bloodrazor Garffiljorg: yi isnt building fucking bloodrazo Garffiljorg: thats literally the only thing he has to get to 1v5 Garffiljorg: bloodrazor Garffiljorg: report yi Garffiljorg: you can for inting Garffiljorg: taking fights like that is inting Garffiljorg: i exhausted please Garffiljorg: YI JUTS ATTACK THE WUKONG Garffiljorg: THEY WERE 7% Garffiljorg: game isnt over yorick will likley come back Garffiljorg: YI WTF WAS THAT Garffiljorg: report yi Garffiljorg: there are reasons ive said what ive said Garffiljorg: report yi Garffiljorg: 0/7 as yi Garffiljorg: and complaining hes in bronze 5 champ select Garffiljorg: hes inting Garffiljorg: he even wasted herald like that Garffiljorg: bro he chose yi Garffiljorg: its not hard to go 1/1 Garffiljorg: he literally solo lost us the game Garffiljorg: ive never seen it this bad Garffiljorg: i said no because if yorick comes back we haev a good chance Garffiljorg: we also could have a non troll jg Garffiljorg: but no Garffiljorg: and yi didnt build a jungle item Garffiljorg: what the fuck riot Garffiljorg: see this is why i dislike perma bans, but ranked bans Garffiljorg: if someone is bad in bronze 5 Garffiljorg: good lord Garffiljorg: yea Garffiljorg: but read what i said Garffiljorg: they arent bad Garffiljorg: they went 1/17 last game Garffiljorg: the yi did Garffiljorg: 1/17 Garffiljorg: i want to learn lb Garffiljorg: she seems strong Garffiljorg: yea im gona say thats not bad thats inting Garffiljorg: ok please Garffiljorg: at this point Garffiljorg: its so over Garffiljorg: if only yorick didnt afk Garffiljorg: we woulda had a good chance Garffiljorg: jinx please Garffiljorg: lb please Garffiljorg: jesus Garffiljorg: that damage fizz Garffiljorg: lb jinx or yi Garffiljorg: please Garffiljorg: NVM Garffiljorg: build tank we have a chance Garffiljorg: build mr Garffiljorg: our jungler has 13 deaths. thats all youve missed Garffiljorg: wukong doesnt matter Garffiljorg: he inted lane phase Garffiljorg: thats when inting matters Garffiljorg: YI Garffiljorg: jinx build deahts dance Garffiljorg: bruh look at yis deaths Garffiljorg: it literally cant be anyone but him Garffiljorg: no its not Garffiljorg: yi is so braindead Garffiljorg: its hard to feed with him Garffiljorg: fizz ult does 980 damage Garffiljorg: do u not see how fed this fizz is Garffiljorg: we have no cc for him Garffiljorg: he can e all of it Garffiljorg: OH Garffiljorg: YI FOR FUCK SAKES Garffiljorg: REPORT YI Garffiljorg: he just runs into a 1v3 like that and dies Garffiljorg: thats inting Garffiljorg: we cant tho Garffiljorg: not even Garffiljorg: he nearly died Garffiljorg: he doesnt even haev a zeal ite Garffiljorg: item Garffiljorg: so he has no crit except for ie Garffiljorg: group imd and end Garffiljorg: we lost cuz yi fed the fizz Garffiljorg: 20 deaths 11 of which were land phase Garffiljorg: yorick you were afk for half the game Garffiljorg: forget about that? Game 3 Garffiljorg: our team is very early game Garffiljorg: so push your turrets Garffiljorg: everyone is but u trynd Garffiljorg: and kinda trist Garffiljorg: they have no tank Garffiljorg: trist build zeal item ie then ldr Garffiljorg: if you can Garffiljorg: and singed if you use poison on red im going to end myself Garffiljorg: trist im a plat smurf trust Garffiljorg: they have an afk Garffiljorg: silly xerath Garffiljorg: legit reporting Garffiljorg: you dont tax cannys Garffiljorg: singed stfu Garffiljorg: wow Garffiljorg: im boosted Garffiljorg: jesus christ Garffiljorg: singed stop talking play the game Garffiljorg: no hes not wtf Garffiljorg: report singed pleas they are trolling Garffiljorg: flaming and trolling Garffiljorg: you know im our chance right? Garffiljorg: bro singed go bot Garffiljorg: we are gona win Garffiljorg: im fed Garffiljorg: TRIST DEFEND TURRET Garffiljorg: what are you doing Garffiljorg: yea you can Garffiljorg: you are under turret Garffiljorg: bruv Garffiljorg: you are worth 10 gold Garffiljorg: saving first turret is worth Garffiljorg: what Garffiljorg: are you dumb Garffiljorg: it is ranked lmao Garffiljorg: yea Garffiljorg: yes Garffiljorg: singed inting Garffiljorg: please report Garffiljorg: hes tilted out of his mind for some reason Garffiljorg: ehh its fine Garffiljorg: i can carry Garffiljorg: ? Garffiljorg: trist u blind Garffiljorg: im with singed now not reportig him Garffiljorg: are you serious Garffiljorg: the jinx who was out of position and free? Garffiljorg: god damn dont do ranked if you arent gona try Garffiljorg: what Garffiljorg: i was at river Garffiljorg: you can run Garffiljorg: report trist dont report singed Garffiljorg: singed actions were justified after watching tristana Garffiljorg: trist ur being a troll u know that right Garffiljorg: like ur actually inting more than singed Garffiljorg: now go bot Garffiljorg: im laner im allowed to tell you to get out of my lane Garffiljorg: report trist Garffiljorg: they are trolling Garffiljorg: even annoucing it Garffiljorg: no shes a troll Garffiljorg: troll Garffiljorg: ye Garffiljorg: they flamed singed and are trolling Garffiljorg: care Garffiljorg: no Garffiljorg: singed is a good supp Garffiljorg: riot designed him as one Garffiljorg: yea Garffiljorg: my adc is kinda troll Garffiljorg: and i was camped Garffiljorg: trist its not about deaths Garffiljorg: thats how you know a bronze Garffiljorg: im 5/5 Garffiljorg: she is 0/3 Garffiljorg: ive had 2 2v1s and won Garffiljorg: "smurf" Garffiljorg: literally they are in ranked and talking about try hards lmao Garffiljorg: like they are inting Garffiljorg: and she is saying its fine and when we say not to do something Garffiljorg: they just say "nah" Garffiljorg: they use the word bruh Garffiljorg: gj singed Garffiljorg: cant do much with a troll adc Garffiljorg: they literally havent been in a team fight Garffiljorg: once Garffiljorg: shes 0/4/2 Garffiljorg: with no cs Garffiljorg: and they are saying look at them cry Garffiljorg: wut Garffiljorg: OH MY GOD Garffiljorg: They are actually inting tho Garffiljorg: cant polish a turd Garffiljorg: thats what this game is Garffiljorg: didnt expect that? Garffiljorg: i literally just said didnt expect that Garffiljorg: because they got close to a fed akali Garffiljorg: this trist trol Garffiljorg: sry singed D: Garffiljorg: i wont forget you Garffiljorg: lmao Garffiljorg: the gank bang Garffiljorg: gang* Garffiljorg: and thats why i bought zhonyas Garffiljorg: trist is now taking it to team chat Garffiljorg: they dont want to be reported lmao Garffiljorg: she says xd unironically or sarcastically they dont have a job Garffiljorg: you are just roaming as 5 XD Garffiljorg: im going for kills Garffiljorg: the game is over we have a troll adc Garffiljorg: as i said Garffiljorg: cant polish a turd Garffiljorg: this game Garffiljorg: is a turd Garffiljorg: im the only one on my team whos positive Garffiljorg: yet im boosted Garffiljorg: k Garffiljorg: gg Garffiljorg: what? As you can see, I wasn't friendly, I wasn't the ideal person that league wants. But I'm not the toxic piece of shit that deserves to be 14 day and perma banned. In the game with singed he left his role as support and ran through the lanes, inting. He even said he doesnt care and that he was inting. That is one of the games that goes to my ban? Really? We have an adc withotu a support and a support that is admitting to inting. The whole team just typed because it was over and we couldnt ff because the singed and trist were just pissed. The second game our yi didn't have smite PURPOSEFULLY, they didn't build a jungle item, they had 20 deaths in the game, 10 of which were lane phase. They sealed our fate for the match but we still couldn't ff because 2 people thought we were winning. The First game we had a xin whop rage quit, flamed the team, and fed the yorick that he said he countered. Our jg didn't gank lanes and fed all game after flaming, and we were fucked. Pretty much everyone on my teams was wayyy worse than me when it comes to bans. We had inters who didn't get banned ie the singed who admitted to inting, and he didn't get any punishment, i mean he literally admitted to inting, and had i think 12 deaths in a 25 minute match yet they get no punishment. I don't get it. Im new to league but htis is rediculos. I really don't understand. I enjoy the game so i spent money to support riot, just so they come and BAN me for close to nothing?
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