Does anything positive come from this sub-board?

Does the player behavior board really amount to anything positive, or does it just help add to the negative image the boards tend to have? Looking at recent threads old enough to really amass any amount of up/down votes, practically every thread posted here gets 100% downvoted. Not saying it should be removed, nor that this is a recent change. Just putting it out there that it's almost exclusively used for players to post their (99/100 times toxic) chat logs, and complain about getting some form of punishment. Then people reiterate the same basic messages telling them why they were punished, and they counter back with the same basic excuses trying to condone their actions. It's been at this point for years really where you could make a player behavior bingo, with spaces like >"I was defending myself" "I wasn't _that_ toxic." "They started it" 'I didn't do anything wrong" "Player: /all Report [champion] trolling/toxic/inting" "players shouldn't be banned for toxic chat" "I shouldn't get punished for chat because mute exists" "the punishment system is unfair" "You just need thicker skin" "Fuck rito"
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