Uplift my PermaBan

I want to know how i can uplift this. its ridiculous that i say two words of passive aggressive motivation and i get banned for it. Ive sunk my time and money and computer blood into this game and all i want to do is play it on my account. Ive had my bad days, but all in all ive have more good ones, and it sucks that when youre stuck in a shitty elo, and constantly carry games that i get perma banned because losers on my team afk or feed non stop. This is coming from someone who is pretty much broke and loves to spend his time on this game. if anything i would at least like my money refunded to me that i sunk in over the last however many years ive been playing this game. I would much rather prefer my account though. Is there any email or any direction someone can give me as to how i can get it back . id rather have a permenant chat ban than not be able to play at all. Thanks, one sad leaguer {{champion:32}}
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