Mother Riot, I need answers.

I was playing Aatrox in a normal draft to relax. The matchmaking put me with 4 other guys that were all of them premades, everything till then was fine. The first 30sec. of the game I was talking to the phone so.. I didnt paid any attention, my jungler who was playing Nidalee started spamming me with need assistance pings to go to help him/her. I told him/her to stop spamming and i would go to help him/her but instead of waiting for me to come she started calling me the R word (idk if i'm going to get reported saying this word but whatever) and I decided not to help him/her cause he/she was being toxic. After that he/she told me that all of her premades are going to report me (didnt scare me at all cause that's not how the ban algorithm works) I didnt pay any attention on the chat box for a while. Till the point that all of them except nidalee started feeding the enemy Jinx and Kayn and I just responded to their actions with a [wow] and a [my team rocks] and that made them furious and all of them started harrasing me with no reason at all (I didnt got offended by their comments cause they were being stupid till this moment. BUT then Nidalee said the 3letter word that starts with the letter K. That was the moment that I decided to report her after the match ended for verbal abuse. But after the game ended and I report him/her I still dont have got the instant feedback about the termination of his account. WHY? Or he/she didnt even got banned. Can anybody tell me cause one time I did the same and got instant banned from the game. Thanks to everybody who read all this text, and please tell me the possible reasons why I didnt get the the instant feedback about the report.
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