So Riot shouldn't be banning people

Over words Edit: Haters Gon' hate {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I know a lot of you dislike this and other posts I make, but my opinion is just as valid as yours. Believe it or not, I don't want a game where 12 year olds only use chat to practice their extensive shock vocabulary. However, taking away accounts permanently for what we type is extensive and isn't as productive as we all hoped it would be. Our community hasn't become nicer. New players aren't flocking in droves with anecdotes about how great and welcoming we are. We keep sending the people with the worst attitudes who also disagreed with their bans to fresh accounts------- and we still don't have a behavior system that has improved in catching those who outright throw. I get there are difficult obstacles for having a better system, but throwing them at me with insults and other bad attitudes will not be a justification for me rolling over and calling what we have an improvement. I'm not going to shut up just because some of you come post to post to disagree This video was just another small poke at Riot and the hypocrisy that I feel is ruining what is otherwise a wonderful game ps I just read this---- just another cherry for pie

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