Account Hacked And Permabanned

This may be a bit late but my account was permabanned last year. My account had been hcaked and someone was using it. I had put in a ticket to riot saying that someone had hacked my account before the account was banned. Who ever was using my account must have been using scripts because that was the reason why the account was banned. The reason why i could not just go and change the password was because the email linked to the account was marked inactive and it is impossible to make a new one with the email provider because they are redoing their site. My only issue is the fact that they can tell if you are logging in from somewhere else so why when i told them all of this did they not help me change the email or undo the perma i was never given a clear cut reason as to why they just assumed that i was the one cheating when i had put in a ticket about the account before the account was banned. If anyone can help me here would be really great because i lost an my main account due to someone hacking.

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