League Doesn't Have to be Toxic

I don't post because I don't usually find a need to, however, I have recently become fed up with the toxic members of the community. Maybe I sound like a mom saying this but I am fed up with the rampant hateful attitudes in almost any losing game. I bring up this image from my most recent match; toxicity like this deserves some punishment. Most recent match end-game chat: https://imgur.com/a/HNwrsiO ***I blurred out all names that aren't mine because I don't want to start a lynch mob*** A few things for the record, I rarely type in my games; if I do, it's usually because someone is flaming me. I don't flame back, I make it obvious that flaming people is the wrong way to go about winning a game. All chat flaming happens too often I often wait to see who will flame first, whether it's my team or the enemy. Flaming ruins the game for people trying a new champ, learning new roles, or someone who just got autofilled. I play support, and I'm trying to learn ADC. Someone telling me that I am literally the worst Trist they've ever seen may not be false, but that doesn't mean I need to be berated every fight because of it. Even if a teammate is the worst at positioning, you don't have to let everyone on both teams know that you see them as the reason you're losing. I bring this up because it's not just friendly banter. If someone tells me "bro you're garbage" and later we get a small advantage, and they do something to acknowledge it and show they're not really mad at me, I don't care; I enjoy friendly banter. Laughing with and yelling at friends is the best part of multiplayer games. But if people are only yelling, it ruins the experience for everyone. *edit* The boards aren't any better. Don't flame Riot because you don't win games, don't flame others because you don't win games. *edit 2* I have seen responses to just mute and move on, but muting the toxic player does not fix the situation, it ignores it. The muter will lose communication with teammates for muting, and that person will continue to flame, especially if no one says anything about it. *edit 3 (and it's kinda a long one)* I really appreciate people giving their opinion on this topic. Regardless of what opinion you have, and whether I agree with it or not, the reason I brought this up was not because I myself was flamed. I agree that I don't always take ranked as seriously as others, and that might make them angry (especially if I don't do well). I accept flame that comes toward me and I don't really care what people say, but this wasn't supposed to be about my specific case. The reason I brought this up was to bring to people's attention that this happens way too often and I didn't make that clear enough originally. Again, I support banter, and I don't really see swearing as an issue, but when I see someone in almost every game flames someone and tell them to "uninstall", or "kill themselves" it's taking it too far. I get that there are tools in place to ignore the toxicity, but I don't feel like those tools fix the problem long-term. I do appreciate muting and reporting for what they can do, but you shouldn't need to mute and report someone (or some people) every game. Thanks again for all the responses, whether you agreed with me or not. If you do agree with me, please work with me toward being less toxic, and if not, I at least hope you see where I'm coming from.
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