So this got me a chat ban, what do you think?

Game 2900063769: [All]0DESTROYERZ0: wrong club tag 0DESTROYERZ0: ty 0DESTROYERZ0: good shit guys 0DESTROYERZ0: liss [All]0DESTROYERZ0: not today [All]0DESTROYERZ0: nother 2 hours [All]0DESTROYERZ0: till lock in [All]0DESTROYERZ0: yea [All]0DESTROYERZ0: starts at 9 [All]0DESTROYERZ0: im trying to practice jg for it [All]0DESTROYERZ0: feels bad 0DESTROYERZ0: pls ff [All]0DESTROYERZ0: looks like you guys win this one [All]0DESTROYERZ0: 15 secs [All]0DESTROYERZ0: wow [All]0DESTROYERZ0: 3 nos [All]0DESTROYERZ0: jk not surprised lol [All]0DESTROYERZ0: ^ [All]0DESTROYERZ0: and vik losing to shen [All]0DESTROYERZ0: not true [All]0DESTROYERZ0: lost lane early [All]0DESTROYERZ0: i will atleast im not feeding lol 0DESTROYERZ0: i cant gank losing lanes you idiot 0DESTROYERZ0: smh [All]0DESTROYERZ0: voting no just to spite me [All]0DESTROYERZ0: lol [All]0DESTROYERZ0: just end pls 0DESTROYERZ0: i dont need to gank you 0DESTROYERZ0: you should auto win lane 0DESTROYERZ0: tried to go bot 0DESTROYERZ0: they lost trade early 0DESTROYERZ0: no you were not 0DESTROYERZ0: no 0DESTROYERZ0: no you are 0DESTROYERZ0: pls report me 0DESTROYERZ0: lol 0DESTROYERZ0: only thing ive done is called braum an idiot [All]0DESTROYERZ0: called braum idiot = idiot 0DESTROYERZ0: yes 0DESTROYERZ0: so go next 0DESTROYERZ0: lmao 0DESTROYERZ0: so we lost 0DESTROYERZ0: so go next 0DESTROYERZ0: me 0DESTROYERZ0: cause a waste of my time 0DESTROYERZ0: and everyones 0DESTROYERZ0: no 0DESTROYERZ0: you shouldnt play league [All]0DESTROYERZ0: 2v4 fight for turret [All]0DESTROYERZ0: but im toxic 0DESTROYERZ0: no you are 0DESTROYERZ0: garbage 0DESTROYERZ0: if you cant win lane 2v1 you are bad 0DESTROYERZ0: not even win just not die [All]0DESTROYERZ0: lmao 0DESTROYERZ0: towe baron [All]0DESTROYERZ0: nope cause viktor int [All]0DESTROYERZ0: like shes been all game? [All]0DESTROYERZ0: 7/19 botlane btw [All]0DESTROYERZ0: i have a few things to say but they are "toxic" [All]0DESTROYERZ0: bg garbage team [All]0DESTROYERZ0: everyone negative kda [All]0DESTROYERZ0: do it pls what do you guys think? this was over 1 game, no negative behavior from previous games. I was obviously reported by my entire team, as i called my entire team garbage, but the only things that i said that were toxic was i called our support an idiot and our team trash. Handing out a chat restriction over arguing and "name calling" when it happened 2 times, if you count calling people trash name calling, is surprising TO ME at least. quoting the rioter responding to my ticket: I've looked into the logs and I am seeing some troubling negative behaviors. Specifically, I'm seeing name calling, calling others out on their performance, blaming others, and a lot of arguing. Due to these behaviors, I've determined that the chat restriction is accurately applied to your account. I won't be able to lift the restriction or return your honor. so pretty much, i got a chat restriction for being mean. What do you guys think? if you want to call me toxic or whatever, i dont really care not going to be playing much anyways. Is this really something that deserves a chat restriction? Edit: looking back at my support ticket, I was reported by 4 people out of my last 20 games, that means this punishment is from only 1 game. After reflecting back on what I have said I do agree what I said was borderline toxic, but I believe it wasn't enough to go over the edge. I think the keyword idiot was cherry picked out of what i said by the bot, because in context the word idiot was used negativly only 1 time.
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