Saying ''EZ'' in the end of a game

So this though is something i wanna say for a while because of the players who say ''ez'' because its ok when you kill somebody in 1v1 but in the end of a game no no thats just nasty especialy when your team is weak and cant play and you are the only one who wants to try to win and stuff but you lose and then the all say gg ezzzzzzzzzz is annouying AF and this sould be at least a reason for 1-2 games chat ban because in my case i had an ashe on top with the rune that clasial augment when i saw ashe on top with this rune and me as nasus i said to my self to keep playing and ask for my jungler to come i died two times before my jungler decited to come and then i could play my lane then i noticed that my bot was feeding and my jungler went to join i was in top stacking but then they all came top i couldnt do anything and at the end of the game the Ashe Lee sin and Yasuo said ''gg izi and ez'' this sould be bannable and is really trigering i almost wanna quit the game if a someone from Riot give me an answer i will be really happy to know what to do exceot reporting them{{sticker:sg-shisa}}

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