Tyler 1 was right- Inadvertently confirms soft inting > constructive criticism

Got a 10 game restriction before the season ended, so I decided to question the restriction system. All I got out of it was when you have an 0/10 irelia at 13 minutes and an afk support saying "if I cant engage I'll just afk" just respond "lets ward drag" and "keep safe and ward blue side." Also, no response to soft inting questions, so I guess you can just soft int back instead so your teammates who flame you get punished and you get off free. (07:28:59 PM) Player Support Bot: Hey! We’re getting a ton of new chats right now. It may take upwards of 15 minutes to get to your chat, but if you sit tight we’ll help you out as soon as we can. If you’re not about that waiting in line lifestyle, you can always submit a ticket instead! (07:29:14 PM) *** Mr. Feeny joined the chat *** (07:29:18 PM) Mr. Feeny: Hey there Adc (07:29:19 PM) Mr. Feeny: Gimmie a hot minute to check out whats going on here (07:31:55 PM) adc or a dc: sure, no rush (07:32:03 PM) Mr. Feeny: So, I don't have great news. :\ (07:32:39 PM) Mr. Feeny: To put it bluntly, I'm sorry to say that this chat restriction was been correctly applied for frequently calling out other player's poor performance during your match. (07:33:05 PM) Mr. Feeny: I understand that it's very minor in comparison to what we usually see, but this is actually enough to merit a 10-game chat restriction. :\ (07:33:32 PM) Mr. Feeny: As for your honor rewards, I regret to inform you that there is honestly not enough time for you to reach level 2 by November 12th. (07:33:48 PM) Mr. Feeny: This is a penalty that will need to remain applied and I'm sorry to say that this will not be altered. (07:34:56 PM) adc or a dc: Okay, thanks for your help. Although if you watch the game, the player i called out for poor performance intentionally died to the opposing laner with no punishment (07:35:27 PM) adc or a dc: I also had a game the other day where an aurelion sol flew down mid 21 times and was not punished (07:36:16 PM) Mr. Feeny: That pop up message you sometimes see, it actually only shows up about 1/5 times even if your report has successfully taken part of penalizing a player. (Kinda frustrating I know) We did this to prevent witch hunting if it did show you this message was shown 100% of the time. (07:37:46 PM) adc or a dc: Okay, do you mind specifying the exact reasoning for the ban so I can avoid it in the future? (07:38:13 PM) Mr. Feeny: Sur ething (07:38:14 PM) Mr. Feeny: Sure thing (07:38:19 PM) adc or a dc: Because I see people like Tyler1 on stream making fun of players' performance nonstop and getting no punishment (07:38:25 PM) Mr. Feeny: Let me grab some highlights that I feel are the most problematic (07:38:40 PM) Mr. Feeny: Right, does he often do so vocally? Or in chat? (07:38:58 PM) Mr. Feeny: Either way, our IFS (Instant Feedback System) will track his use of chat and penalize accordingly. (07:39:21 PM) adc or a dc: both very often, I dont think he should be punished but I think people just realize banter in higher elo (07:39:26 PM) adc or a dc: and realize mistakes (07:40:01 PM) Mr. Feeny: Yeah, he's... known for going off the rails, but he has improved. :\ (07:40:10 PM) Mr. Feeny: I can't talk too much about Tyler1 unfortunately. (07:41:21 PM) adc or a dc: Okay, I understand based on the business reasoning. Do you mind highlighting the reasoning for the restriction so I can avoid it going forward? (07:41:33 PM) Mr. Feeny: Yes, one second (07:43:03 PM) Mr. Feeny: [4:19] Vayne: dang I couldnt get the last auto off [4:19] Vayne: cuz naut stood on top [4:20] Vayne: also u kinda inted [4:41] Vayne: maybe dont engage vs a level 3 lucian with a vayne [8:09] Vayne: sol ksed me twice so we cant fight [9:53] Vayne: leonas dont realize if u have a losing lane u just wait for a gank o ***She has now afked at this point claiming I should have told her I was going vayne and if she cant engage she should just sit in base*** [10:35] Vayne: just gonna mute this leona must be silver or something [14:20] Vayne: u dont die 10 times in lane [14:22] Vayne: in 13 min [14:33] Vayne: lol [14:42] Vayne: ive never died more than 4 times in 10 min [15:01] Vayne: or i just sit at my tower [15:04] Vayne: after the third death [15:19] Vayne: not like she was getting dove 2v1 [15:23] Vayne: she was fighting every death [15:25] Vayne: i was watching (07:43:09 PM) Mr. Feeny: This is my golden rule for chat (07:43:14 PM) Mr. Feeny: Keep your chat game-focused with what you can do in the future rather than player-focused on what has happened in the past. (07:43:24 PM) Mr. Feeny: Legit, do that, and you'll run into zero problems (07:44:19 PM) adc or a dc: But I am responding to my leona wanting to afk in base because I told her not to fight (07:44:30 PM) adc or a dc: and sitting in lane afk saying if i cant engage i should just afk (07:45:05 PM) Mr. Feeny: Just gotta keep those comments to yourself. (07:45:16 PM) Mr. Feeny: If it's not helping your team, you gotta just hold yourself back. (07:45:45 PM) adc or a dc: She asked "what should I do" so I said don't fight until 6 (07:45:59 PM) adc or a dc: much better than soft inting on stream and not getting punished (07:47:10 PM) adc or a dc: I could just type nothing and fight over and over and lose the game and get no punishment like most streamers hunched in my chair. Or i can try my hardest and communicate my problems to the team (07:47:36 PM) Mr. Feeny: Please do communicate with your team, but keep it objective based like (07:47:40 PM) Mr. Feeny: Lets ward up drag (07:47:45 PM) Mr. Feeny: I'm 6 let's go soon (07:47:54 PM) Mr. Feeny: Keep safe and lets ward their blue side (07:47:56 PM) Mr. Feeny: Things like that (07:48:01 PM) Mr. Feeny: Otherwise, try to keep it minimal (07:48:18 PM) Mr. Feeny: Pings are way more effective than you may imagine. ****EDIT: Followed up on the issued ***Seems Support agrees but system and rules are just faulty** adc or a dc: I submitted a request earlier about an end of season chat restriction I received after playing almost 170 games in less than a month following good or normal behavior. While I asked for advice to avoid future problems, all I concluded from the conversation was to not talk and only type things like "ward dragon." I submitted a discussion board (see link below) to discuss my the issues I found with this thought process. After some feedback, I feel as though the suggested behavior warrants and almost promotes an almost robotic/close-minded community. Basically I interpreted the advice as a suggestion to not to debate issues and never respond to other players in game who have any sort of critique. While at times you can cross the line, I do not believe my behavior was too over the top when looking at the overall CONTEXT and reciprocity of the situations. Basically, I was curious if there are ever times where support considers context when judging a restriction or if they just let an algorithm punish the player based on an arbitrary "law" encoded into the chat system. While I understand the need for such a system in such a large population base, I do not understand how these "more minor" situations cannot be appealed when much worse often goes unpunished (such as soft inting and not trying as reciprocated actions). https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/qgl14anG-tyler-1-was-right-inadvertently-confirms-soft-inting-constructive-criticism?comment=0004 (01:57:51 AM) Player Support Bot: Hey! We’re getting a ton of new chats right now. It may take upwards of 15 minutes to get to your chat, but if you sit tight we’ll help you out as soon as we can. If you’re not about that waiting in line lifestyle, you can always submit a ticket instead! (02:00:47 AM) *** Skiwi joined the chat *** (02:00:50 AM) Skiwi: HI there (02:01:05 AM) Skiwi: Getting caught up on your sitch now (02:01:18 AM) adc or a dc: Okay thank you, take your time (02:02:09 AM) Skiwi: Okay so basically there's two sides to this (02:03:23 AM) Skiwi: 1. we do generally think that arguing isn't what League chat should be used for, and neither is responding to negativity from other players. That said, I do agree that the first time penalty for this is kind of harsh and would leave to see it lessened in that particular circumstance (02:04:08 AM) Skiwi: 2. Honestly behavior like this really has nothing to do with inting/not trying. Those things aren't OK, and neither is arguing - the fact that sometimes people don't get caught for that doesn't mean we shouldn't penalize people for lighter behavior (02:07:14 AM) adc or a dc: Yes, I understand the second argument and tried to specify that in my prior discussions. I also understand that as a private company with set rules, the restriction is technically warranted. However that being said, my issue just lies in the fact that this removes any possibility of receiving the season rewards I put thousands of hours into (to hit gold). I know I can get the honor back over time and the restriction will not affect me in any way, but the timing was my major issue as it now removes any such possibility. (02:09:24 AM) adc or a dc: So seeing a "minor offense" that is much more minor than the affects (on gameplay) of actions I see in 10%+ of my games feels unfair in my personal opinion. (02:10:33 AM) Skiwi: Yeah I understand that - to be honest I do think chat restrictions that happen this late in the season effecting rewards this way isn't great (02:10:53 AM) Skiwi: But the thing is, any change to that would be a systemic change, and not an exception we would make for individuals (02:11:27 AM) Skiwi: I'd love to see more leeway in cases like this, but we definitely can't individual exceptions : / (02:13:38 AM) adc or a dc: Okay, thank you for your help and hopefully this is something that can be brought up in future debates regarding the topic. For myself, I guess I will have to relevel a new account, rebuy my skins and climb it back to gold in the next 2 weeks lol. (02:14:44 AM) adc or a dc: Only problem is I have 2000 worlds orbs on my account, but I should be able to get them back. (02:15:41 AM) Skiwi: I mean if the skin is that important to you, you gotta do what you gotta do (02:15:53 AM) Skiwi: but personally I would probably not give up on an account in this situation (02:17:59 AM) adc or a dc: Yeah I will have to see haha. From the discussion most people seem to agree that the person punished is usually the one getting flamed or trolled so hopefully that can be addressed one day. Thanks for your help and sorry for the long winded questions.
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