A warning should be given to players every time the Instant Feedback System confirms a report.

Heyo. I recently got a chat restriction after a string of games where I was a little too peeved at other players being toxic or unresponsive. I was sort of on the line where it isn't thoroughly obvious toxicity (hate speech, harassment, etc), but certainly was reducing the quality of the game with all my arguing. This meant that I was fairly surprised when I got a chat restriction, because I wasn't really aware that I was crossing that line. I had a discussion with a Rioter who explained to me what the IFS (Instant Feedback System) looks for. Essentially: a player reports you, the IFS looks through your chat to see if that report is credible, and if it is credible there's sort of an invisible strike against your account. Enough strikes and you're punished. "There are 3 pillars of negativity that our IFS (Instant Feedback System) can detect your account for when considering a penalty. **Arguing with others** _(Even if you didn't start the problem, you can slow it down or stop it by ignoring the misbehavior of others)_ **Calling out other player's poor behavior**_ (Players want attention so they'll try and push your buttons, don't let them get to you)_ **Calling out other player's poor gameplay choices/performance** _(This is more self explanatory but if you're not focused on future objectives, you're only hindering your chances of having a competitive match)"_ These are all things that kind of HAPPEN in League sometimes without it necessarily being clear that you're on your way to a punishment. Personally, if I had received a warning the first time the system recognized I was going a bit over the line, I would have chilled out. But if I did continue after receiving a warning, at least I wouldn't have been so caught off guard when my Honor Level got booted all the way down to 1. I've been Honor 5 since the system started, and had ribbons galore before that. So it stung ;( TL;DR Players should be given an in client warning every time the IFS determines a report made against them was credible. This will stop some players from continuing to be toxic altogether, and in the case of those who continue at least they can't be as mad about it. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} just my thoughts~
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