Permanently banned account appeal letter

I have been permanently banned for being toxic. Almost immediately after it happened, I remember emailing riot basically begging to prove myself that I won't be toxic anymore. The rioters who emailed me back knew that was just panic in me and there really was no way I could prove to have changed by a simple ban. They did their jobs correctly by, in other words, telling me that I have not demonstrated to deserve an unban for any reason. So, after a back and forth with them, they put an end to me and I was forced to let it go. A month passed by and I couldnt stop thinking of league, to be completely honest. What I ended up doing was really taking time off and reevaluating how I respond to people who get on my nerves, in real life first, then online. I'm not saying it's a perfect change, but after a total of 3 months, I felt I had actually reformed. So naturally, I emailed riot support again last night. I explained to the rioter this exact situation, understanding full well that it is much more likely to remain banned then getting my hopes up of making a comeback. The rioter brought up a good point about how they do give players a 2 week suspension warning before actually giving you a permaban to give you time to really rethink your behavior. I did get a 2 week suspension before my ban. However, how j explained to the rioter was how it's difficult to change being in the mindset of a person that got that point in the first place, especially in only 2 weeks. Now, 2 weeks is long, I'm not saying it's a short time, but I dont think the idea of being able to come back really let me grasp the consequences of the situation at hand. It took me almost 3 months for me to come back to riot support asking them to reevaluate their decision with confidence that I have reformed. The rioter I talked to said I made some good points, and to bring it up in the boards, which I'm doing now. Thanks for believing in me Peacemaker. I just need the rioters who can really help me to tell me if it's sufficient evidence to reevaluate my ban from how I am 3 months from the day it was rightfully placed. Also, dont you find it funny how when you're trying to make a case for yourself, all of a sudden you feel like an English expert? Trying to end it on a light hearted note, thank you for reading through and responding if possible.
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