Sick of words being punished while troll actions are ignored.

the board can not help , there is no help. morons troll all game long for several games but if you say anything about it riot punishes you. and fuk all you idiots who think words are more important than troll actions. I was just beginning to be positive again after the last troll a thon. And now after months of climbing honor, I get trolled 3 games in a row and tell them to fukoff. I reported all the troll behavior but nothing happens, those accounts are still logging games , but I get a ban... OK riot, here we go again. You seem to think troll actions are ok but a few words in chat is so bad it has to be banned. Well, if that is how you want it..... Looks like I have a couple weeks of trolling to get started on. Might have to main Kinch for awhile.

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