Suspension for 14days LOOK OVER WHAT!

So today i played a normal game. I was with 4 premade team (probably). They flamed me thro the champion select for teemo pick support. I didnt wanna insta lock, and i let them all pick their roles. However i didnt say a word. Even thro bad start i didnt say a word. (check : oh well... that suicide didnt end well - I MENT MY SELF AS I WENT INTO A BUSH AND GOT MF AND MYSELF KILLED- sarcam?) I even tryed to keep up the game, and tried for all to play and not just give into a grief and surrender. No need to say i had best score, or i didnt flame, or i was only platinum (and they were silver last season). There is no need for such a talk in normal casual games. I came home from work and played normal game. I even enjoyed it, and even honnored my adc MissFortune. Coz he was the one who didnt say a word in teams constant flame and naggine, and surrender voating. Few hours later, i try to play again, but BAM! Suspension for 14days ! So lets see how a honnor lvl4 (pre/new/season) got ban. This is wrong. You dont ban people who say things like "kys" - i know , coz their midller said it to me, and yet he didnt got ban. But i do. Wow, just wow. Keep up the good work riot. So far, only flamer population of kids stay and play this game.
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