U ban me for this?

> Game 1 Pre-Game I: yes thresh, ur bad I: good ridance I: nub I: meanwhile bot I: ur duuuuum I: worht it nubs I: ooooh3 for 1 + a turret I: Heee sus I: lcs big plays I: keke, this wu is duuuuum I: ur jungler came top for 300g and a death instead of helping with drake I: dunt think so, think he's slow I: baited I: ? I: stfu nub, this 4vs5 I: git rekt, space %%% I: %%%e, ult 1 person, nub I: lette I: wu u duuuum, ur breath smells like puupuu I: nub I: afk, space %%% I: %%%n u report me, make sure you write I hurt your feelings I: neeko I'll **** on your hair I: and watch you clean it up I: if only ur wuukong was gud I: can't even carry a 4vs5 Post-Game I: Wu I bet ur armpit smells in rl Banned for 14 days for this one game? WTF? I once called out Morello to come and 1vs1 me in RL but instead he hid behind his keyboard and let the mod ban me, I moved on, but this new ban? It's unfair. Remember Riot, Karma is a ****, I hope when your employees go to Starbucks and order a Cappuccino they get a late instead. Alpha le grand le male le out! https://i.imgur.com/PguRg4S.jpg[/img]
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