Ping Spamming Instead of Helping Teammate

Holy sh*t just had the most annoying ARAM game ever. The only people working as a team were Soraka and Garen. Whenever they would get stunned, our Ahri and Khazix would spam the shit out of them instead of helping. They'd run back to turret as soon as one of our teammates got stunned and ping spam the hell out of them. Then they started doing it to me even when I wasn't making a bad move or anything. I finally ask "Can you help when we get stunned and not just ping us plz, we are a team" but that made the pinging even worse I finally mute them but then their play is reflecting their ping spamming anyways, cause every time someone would get caught out they are just f***ing standing there (obviously pinging but its muted). . So god damn annoying, and the two of them said they were going to report me for telling them to "stfu with the pings and play" after they've done it about 100 times.

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