Why is this playerbase so mean?

Honest question here, just got done having a very long 1 on 1 conversation with some guy in the after game lobby, and it inspired me to write this. I've been playing the game for a decent amount of time now, mostly focusing on ranked gameplay, and I've definitely experienced my fair share of toxicity, flaming and the like. However more often than not, I run into players that are genuinely just extremely mean. Like they aren't being toxic for the hell of it or whatever, it seems like these people are hell bent on legitimately making other people feel like shit about themselves or their skill. Could this be due to the toxic standards of competition that society has set up? I know when I played American Football, there were a lot of alarming mindsets along the lines of "If I don't win I am a loser" and "Go out there and KILL the enemy." Just a thought.
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