New player having trouble with trolls

Hey everyone, I started playing a few weeks ago because my husband loves the game and since I like video games as well (first person shooters) I thought it might be a fun thing for us to do together. He was really excited and we have been having a great time and he has been showing me the ropes since he’s played quite a lot and is something like level 130. I’ll come home and play a few games with him each night so I’m about a level 23 now. I’ve been trying a few characters and settled on learning Jinx as I think she’s a lot of fun. I’m not perfect but I think I picked up the game up pretty well. I learn from my mistakes and have drastically reduced my deaths and manage to always hold my lane and take towers. I’m now working on my farming and team fights. I’m pretty squishy so I’m trying to balance doing damage without dying since people seem to go for me first. The problem I’m having is trolls. Most of the time things are okay but every once and a while someone is just absolutely awful. I’m trying to not let it rub me the wrong way but it’s hard. For instance, last night I was paired on a team where everyone was level 130+ and I was 23. I held my lane, and even got a tower. My support wasn’t great, he kept running off to jungle and to mid for some reason so I was basically on my own. I think my final was something like 5/2/4. So not great but not terrible. My non-existent support then proceeds to say that I didn’t get enough damage and am ass and everyone then rags on me...even though they didn’t hold their towers and we’re running all over chasing champions. I’m brand new and I even know not to do that. It really got to me. The last thing I want is to come home from a hard day of work to play a game and get flamed. If it’s the enemy team who cares but my own team? I’m about a minute away from quitting or just sticking to bot games. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m super positive and always stick up for others when I see them getting trolled and I don’t get upset when we lose because it’s an opportunity to learn but no one ever sticks up for me, they just stay silent in the chat.
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