Riot honor system is so garbage, what a complete shitshow

l'm honor 0 because of this Game 1 Pre-Game feintfiend: damn i might have to go ad In-Game feintfiend: BRAPstar feintfiend: id rather keep ignite for another kill feintfiend: stop pinging me? feintfiend: i deny exp feintfiend: 'u serious? feintfiend: jsut fucking walk away feintfiend: y were u baiting them feintfiend: ya im done ur so dumb velkoz feintfiend: u got pinged 20 times and than try to mess with them feintfiend: im constantly botr watch the damn map feintfiend: play smart feintfiend: did u not see me pign? feintfiend: do u have mentaI problems? feintfiend: Ieave me alone idiot feintfiend: try not spam pinging me feintfiend: no u pinged question feintfiend: velkoz play smart feintfiend: u always die the same way feintfiend: muted feintfiend: next feintfiend: fuck bot lane feintfiend: camille 11/2 feintfiend: fed off sideleanes feintfiend: tis been over feintfiend: sidelanes complete dogshit feintfiend: 0 contribution feintfiend: literally click on her? feintfiend: END feintfiend: STOP WASTING MY FUCKING TIME feintfiend: what awasete of time feintfiend: fucking troll bot lane feintfiend: not wp feintfiend: open plz feintfiend: stop wasting my time and open feintfiend: jsut end already Post-Game feintfiend: veI'kkkoz spam pinging whiIe inting his ass off feintfiend: yikes Meanwhile I reported my support who was an absolute degenerate spam pinging me and purposefully trying to tilt me. Guess what? nothing happened. Rewards are so trash the goodboy points don't matter who even plays orianna lmao what a cancer champ. Punish the guy who wanted to win but do nothing about the soft inting feeder haha :) What's wrong with BRAPstar?
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